Michayla and James

Michayla and James's Engagement in Disneyland in front of the castle

How We Met

James and I met our Junior year of high school through a mutual friend. We became friends pretty quickly and started dating our Senior year. I told him that this would just be a fun relationship and nothing serious would come of it. After our Senior year, we moved in together and started working towards our future careers. I became a preschool teacher and he became a construction worker.

how they asked

On February 17, James and I went to Disneyland. The day started out really super fun…and then the rain came. I really wanted a picture of us by the castle so in between rides, we went to the castle. Something seemed a little different about James, but I thought he for sure wasn’t going to propose. We asked a kind woman to take our picture and James asked her for one last picture. I thought that was super weird because he hates taking pictures! James turned to face me and got down on one knee. He had a huge smile on his face and he asked me to marry him and be his forever. I said YES!

Proposal Ideas Disneyland in front of the castle