Michayla and Jordan

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How We Met

The first time I saw Jordan he was walking down the steps of the University Center at High Point University and OH. MY. GOODNESS. let me tell you, it was completely love-at-first-sight. My friend had just dropped me off in front of the university center and I see Jordan walking to my friend’s car! I immediately put two and two together and realize that they are friends. I text my friend right away saying “WHO IS THAT GUY” and he replied immediately “oh that’s my friend Jordan”.

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Well one thing led to another and we ended up meeting for real and boy, was I smitten. He was seriously the cutest, funniest, and nicest guy I have ever met. Plus he had a southern accent to DIE FOR. Unfortunately for me though he had a girlfriend at the time. As time went on we became really great friends (I tried my best to not let my feelings show). For 3 years we had been there for each other through a lot. Breakups (both mine and his), hard college classes, drama, you name it, whatever we were going through, good or bad we were always each other’s first phone call. Whenever my friends asked me about him I would always claim that we were “really great friends” but my friends would just roll their eyes and say “yeah right”. Jordan had graduated a year before me but we continued to remain close, FaceTimeing every chance we got.

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After college Jordan moved back to his hometown of Charlotte, NC which is only about an hour and a half away from High Point University. One afternoon I was having a particularly rough day. My classes were stressful and I was super homesick. I called Jordan and he told me to come, visit him in Charlotte! Without even thinking I got in my car. For some reason the whole time I was driving to Charlotte I was so nervous! We had hung out so many times before, but something had just felt different this time. The second I saw him I got out of the car and ran up to him and hugged him. Everything just felt right again. The rest of the day was perfect. He told me that he had always had feelings for me too and that it was also, love-at-first-sight for him! I couldn’t believe it, our timing was finally right and I had never felt so happy in my entire life until…

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how they asked

The next three years of dating were beyond perfect. I felt so lucky to be dating my best friend. From turning me into a Carolina Panthers Fan and going to EVERY single game, to weekends on the Jersey shore, to getting our puppy, Frankie, together; it seemed as though I was living in a dream. Right before our three-year anniversary my family, Jordan and I had all planned a trip to Greece. Jordan had never traveled much, so I was so excited to take him on this adventure (little did I know he had a plan of his own the whole time).

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The night of the proposal Jordan somehow made me believe that all of our plans for the night where my idea. He had me make a “reservation” at the restaurant even though he already had it all set up with the most perfectly romantic candlelit table on the beach. Earlier that night I had caught myself tearing up a few times because I was just so happy. I mean I was sitting on the beach in Mykonos looking across the table at the love of my life, how could I not? It was already the most amazing night of my life and he hadn’t even proposed yet!

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Jordan started telling me how much he loves me and how he couldn’t wait to spend forever with me and before I knew it he was pulling back his chair and getting down on one knee. I was completely surprised as I kept repeating “are you serious” through my tears. He said “Will you Marry Me” and of course I said YES! At this point I didn’t even look at the ring, I was just staring into the eyes of my forever. But once he slid it onto my finger I overwhelmed by its beauty and how it sparkled under the Grecian moon.

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