Cinderella Caricature Proposal

How We Met: We met at a golf course of all places! My friend worked at the golf course and had invited me to come hang out for a bit, so after debating whether I wanted to stay home or not….I decided to go. Little did I know who I would meet that night.

He was playing golf with his friend and they were the last two on the golf course at closing time. My friends and I were the only ones there and his friend decided to randomly start talking to us. One thing led to another and they decided to join us to go to a bar down the road.

At the bar, we all started talking and they both mentioned they worked as managers at Enterprise. As fate would have it, my truck had been hit and I was already renting a vehicle while mine was being worked on from Austin’s branch.

Whether I had met him at the golf course or met him at Enterprise, our paths would have crossed!

how they asked: We were visiting my best friend in California and were all headed to Disneyland (it has been my favorite since I was a kid!) that Saturday morning t0 celebrate my best friends birthday & apparently something else that they all knew about it and I didn’t yet :)! Once we arrived, we rode a few rides and then went to make an appointment with the caricature artists. The one thing he told me he wanted to do was have a caricature done while we were there! After we made the appointment, we continued our fun-filled day and then came back at our appointment time.

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The artist was starting our caricature and my best friend, her husband, her parents & two of her friends were standing around talking to us. We were all laughing and having a good time and my best friend had started to take pictures randomly. Slowly, other park guests starting standing around watching the artist draw our caricature. I didn’t really think anything of it, because I was sure that people stand around to watch these all the time. About an hour later, I started getting restless.

Image 2 of Cinderella Caricature ProposalThe artist had told us it would be about 40 minutes in total to draw our picture, so I didn’t know why it was taking longer… but I didn’t question it and keep joking around with everyone! Then about 30 minutes later, our caricature was done! The artist asked me to come look at it and I was really excited to see what she had drawn! As I was looking at her easel, I saw two caricatures. One was of two brothers and I thought… well that isn’t us.

Then I saw ours and I realized I was in a Cinderella dress and since that is my favorite princess, I remember thinking how cool it was that I was Cinderella! Especially because I thought it was just going to be our faces. Then after about ten seconds or so, I finally realized what the caricature said! It said “Will you marry me?” He was Prince Charming in the caricature on his knee and I was Cinderella! Was this really happening? Was he proposing to me at DISNEYLAND in front of all these people and my best friends?! Yes he was! And I said YES to marrying my best friend and the love of my life!

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