Michaela and Ryan

How We Met

I moved to North Syracuse before my freshman year of high school started and it was tough, I didn’t know anyone. I met a few people who I called friends (who were his friends too, it turned out). During our sophomore year of high school, we met when our friends were hanging out after lunch. We started dating shortly after meeting. Our dates weren’t fancy, they consisted of going to the park that was close by or just hanging out at my house with my family. After a while, he told me that he had first saw me during our freshman year when I was part of the school “fashion show” to show examples of acceptable dresses for the dance that June. He told me about how he tried talking to me but couldn’t, how he had to tell his friends to back off, and how he would see me walking around town.

how they asked

I moved back to my home town in the middle of our junior year, he was devastated and I was stressed. We ended up breaking up. We found our way back to each other though. I knew about the proposal, I just didn’t know when it was happening. Our senior year I asked him to come with me to my senior ball and luckily everything worked out. He tried proposing during the dance but I knew there would be some problem so we ended up not going through with it that day. I spent the night at his house since his dad picked us up and it worked out easier for everyone. The next day he had graduation rehearsal so I spent the day with his family. After he got home, we spent the rest of the day watching TV in his room or playing video games. He eventually remembered the last night and got down on one knee and proposed. It wasn’t fancy, but to me it was perfect and that’s what matters.