Michaela and Ky

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How We Met

I am a southern California girl who fell in love with a Kansas Native. At the beginning of second semester of our freshman year at Friends University I was hanging out in our student center when a bunch of boys came strolling in with hockey gear.

Being a life long hockey fan, I had to join them. While we played I started talking to my friend Kyle when a blonde, athletically built and very cute Ky Nixon walked up to me and asked how I knew Kyle. I explained he was trying to date my best friend and he told me that Kyle was his roommate.

At the end of the pick up hockey game Ky asked me “Where are you going now?” I told him I was meeting some friends in the library and all of a sudden he had to go there too. As he walked me to the library we had one of the best conversations I have ever had.

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We talked about where we were from, how he was on the schools football team, how I was there playing softball, what our life goals were and so much more. When we got to the library, we went our separate ways. I walked up the my friends and proudly told them “I got walked to the library”.

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It was a real life movie moment for me. A few weeks later he bought me an Anaheim Ducks poster with a sticky note that said “Will you be the April to my Casey” (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Reference). If course said yes not knowing this man would be the love of my life. Our senior year, 3 years later he popped the question!

how they asked

I have always dreamed of dating a hockey player so, Ky decided to start playing ice hockey our junior year of college at the Wichita Ice Center as a goalie. I attended every game I possibly could and we frequently attended the $2 skate nights. At the Ice Center they have practice time for the hockey players called stick and puck.

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Ky convinced me to go to a stick and puck with him and I loved it! I had never payed ice hockey before and enjoyed getting to mess around. It being my first time I asked our friend Wesley to record me shooting on Ky. The second time I attended stick and puck we skated around for a while, when Ky called me over and told me “Hey, why don’t you ask Wesley to record us again?” I didn’t think anything of it so I asked and he politely said he would.

After a minute or two, Ky called me over to help him with his leg pads. He told me that there was a puck stuck between his skate and leg pad and asked if I could grab it. I took my gloves off, grabbed the puck and handed it to him. I still had no idea what was going on and started to skate away. He yelled out “Babe?” which made me turn around to see him on one knee.

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He opened the puck he had spent six hours carving to revile the ring. I dropped my gear in disbelief and instantly started to cry. He asked me “Do I still surprise you?” followed by “Will you marry me?” Under my tears of joy I said yes! His friends then presented me with an Anaheim Ducks (our favorite team), jersey that had his last name on the back with my favorite number, 54.

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After a phone call to my mom and best friends, he took me to the second floor of the ice center where he had sushi and drinks waiting for us. I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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