Michaela and Jonathan


Jonathan and I met in October 2013 through an online dating site. We followed our first date up with a second one that lasted over 10 hours, and we’ve been inseparable ever since! We do everything together. The small, mundane parts of life have been transformed into mini adventures, and the big adventures seem even more grand when we’re experiencing something new together.

The year 2015 brought a lot of change for us, both personally and as a couple. Jonathan got a new job, we bought our first house together, and in fall of 2015, my family was hit with crushing news that my father’s 4 year long battle with cancer would soon come to an end.

September 2015 was filled with lots of trips back to my hometown and trying to stay afloat amid a myriad of feelings. Jonathan and I had been planning a vacation to New England in October, and debated on whether to go through with it given my father’s declining health. We decided after seeing him the day before we were to leave, that dad looked good enough to fly states away for a weeklong trip. Dad had given me his blessing to go, and we had plans to see him upon our return home.

The proposal happened on the second day of our adventures. I assumed we were road-tripping up Cape Cod as we had discussed, but Jonathan surprised me with a ferry trip to Martha’s Vineyard! I didn’t think any other surprises were in store, but I was so very wrong. After taking our time meandering the different towns of the Vineyard, we ended up on a beach for a “photo-op” that was actually him filming himself getting down on one knee. To add to the excitement, there were two photographers on the beach to capture it all! I couldn’t believe the day we’d been dreaming about for so long had come. At that moment, all my worries were but a memory as we reveled in our next step together.


Unfortunately, that was was the last day of the trip we spent without a care. The day of the proposal was also the day my dad fell in his home and ended up in Hospice. We had two more days of vacation before FaceTiming with my mom and dad in Hospice. I knew we had to nix the rest of the trip and come back early. We told dad about the engagement over FaceTime, and again once we arrived on the first flight back the next day. Dad passed just four days after the proposal. The funeral was on our two year anniversary. I had to tell my siblings while in Hospice, and it wasn’t till weeks later that I told any other family or friends. Nothing was ideal, but I agree that Jonathan did the right thing in going through with his plans. My dad couldn’t react to our news, but hearing is the last sense to go, so I hope that he was somehow comforted by knowing I’d found my partner in life.

Jonathan explained soon after the proposal his reasoning for continuing with his plan. He didn’t want to wait to let me know how much he loved me. He wanted to take a note from my family’s book and care for me the best way he knew how, and that was by not letting messy life issues screw with our love. He also wanted my dad to know about our direction prior to his passing. Jonathan knows one of the most painful parts is my sadness that my dad won’t be at the wedding, and will never meet our future children. In proposing when he did, we take solace in hoping that dad heard our news and was happy for us.

Now four months into our engagement, having planned some of the biggest aspects of our day, I am more happy than ever to be marrying an amazing man. If he hadn’t proven his love and commitment to me and my happiness in the 2 years prior to last fall, he did it once again amidst my personal grief. Jonathan is my right hand in all aspects of my life, and I am so excited to be his wife.


Special Thanks

Joe Mikos, and assistant
Mikos Photographers