Michaela and Jarred

Proposal Ideas Shelly Beach, North Island, New Zealand

How We Met

We met at a ski lodge in Beavercreek, Colorado. I was a sophomore in college working in my family’s catering company. We were catering an event at this lodge for a local University’s Business program, in which Jarred was a guest. My mother actually spoke with him first and commented that we were both going to the same college. She introduced us and we spoke briefly but never ran into each other after that. Fast forward one year later and my family was back at the same lodge catering the same event, and Jarred just so happened to be there after battling a massive snow storm and holiday traffic. (He says that his motivation to attend the event again was hoping I would be there working.) I distinctly remember looking around the giant lodge full of people in suits and cocktail dresses, and making eye contact with Jarred from across the hall as I quickly scurried back into the kitchen.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Shelly Beach, North Island, New Zealand

Jarred remembers his friends teasing him for starring at the waitress all night! I think I offered him way too many stuffed mushroom appetizers from my serving platter just to try to strike up a conversation. Finally, after hours of awkward interactions he finally came up to me just as the event was ending. He asked me to shoot him an email in case I had any questions about my business degree, and I said “oh I think I may have your business card from last year”, as he quickly shoved his new business card in my hand! We connected through email and Facebook, went on a ski date, and the rest is history!

how they asked

My childhood dream has always been to gallop a horse on a beach. Jarred and I had the opportunity to join another couple who are close friends of ours on a two week adventure-filled trip to New Zealand. The first weekend we were there, we drove three hours north of Auckland to Shelly Beach, which is a stunningly beautiful, rural coastal area. We stayed on a farm with three lovely hosts and spent three days riding though forests, across beaches, and over stunning mountain ranges. On the second day, we found a massive vacant beach that stretched up the coast as far as the eye could see. Being an equestrian, I could not wait to gallop through the shallow water and as I took off and left my boyfriend and friends in the dust. I finally decided it was time to turn around as my horse was eager to return to the herd. As I galloped back to the group, I saw Jarred standing on the ground and immediately knew what was about to happen. I came to a stop as I saw a the words “Will you Marry Me” written in the sand. I could hardly breathe! He got down one on knee while I still on the horse and I cried out yes a hundred times over. The greatest part was having our best friends there who got every picture! Jarred could not have done it better! New Zealand and that beach will always be my favorite place in the entire world.

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