Michaela and Jace

How We Met

All great love stories start with moms, right? I was 16 when my mom introduced me to her friend’s son. A country boy with a sweet smile, kind eyes and a mullet HA (I will never let him live that down- don’t worry it is gone now). Our first date, of course, alongside both of our mothers, quickly turned into many more. He welcomed me, a city girl in his small country town. He bought me cowboy boots, took me to the rodeo and I was quickly welcomed with open arms and a whole lot of love to what was most dear to his heart- his home. We were long distance all through high school where again our amazing mothers would drive to a half-way meeting spot to drop off and pick up so we could see each other. From cheering him on at those ‘Friday Night Lights’, attending school dances together, heartbreak of losing grandparents, and a whole lot of broken bones( he is so accident prone- take note at his left hand in our engagement photos haha) we came from two different worlds but I knew at 16, he was all I wanted and needed in mine.

We grew up, eventually started going on dates without our mothers and we continued to make our long-distance relationship work(ladies- you can do it!). During a season 3 years in, we fell apart and to this day I will never wish we hadn’t. During that short season of being apart, we both grew a little, learned a lot. As fate would have it- the handsome country boy with a sweet smile and kind eyes found his way back to me. I thank God every day for guiding our hearts back together. It is and forever will be my greatest second chance. Jace claims that I am all he has ever wanted and I know for certain he is all I will ever need.

How They Asked

A few weeks ago, I had a work trip scheduled to New York City. I have family in NY and I would be gone over Thanksgiving so I was quick to tell Jace to get a ticket so we could spend a few days after my work conference exploring the city. It turns out that Jace had my ring hiding in his underwear drawer for the past month, waiting until Christmas time to propose(It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?). As soon as I told him about my work trip he called an audible and started planning. Not only did he manage to hide the ring for a month, sneak if through all our travel but he also coordinated with a photographer to capture our special moment!

Michaela and Jace's Engagement in Brooklyn Bridge

So fast forward, my work conference is over and we are walking around Brooklyn. We get to the waterfront of the Brooklyn Bridge and he pulls me in, gets down on one knee and promises to always be my friend. I was in shock. I had absolutely no idea- he did such a good job. While shaking, looking at MY amazing ring and MY amazing fiancé, Jace introduces me to his new friend, a photographer he met a few days ago while I was at work. He then spent the next hour capturing these photos that I will hold close to my heart forever.

Proposal Ideas Brooklyn Bridge

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Brooklyn Bridge

To say I am excited about our wedding day next summer is an understatement. When I daydream about our special day, I can see the years of memories we have together. Our first kiss, learning how to love each other best, moving to a tropical island, getting our fur baby, sleeping on the kitchen floor of our first home, laughing till we cry. When I daydream about walking down the aisle, I don’t see the young country boy who stole my heart waiting for me at the end, I see the man who is promising to keep, cherish and protect it forever. My whole world.

Special Thanks

Herti Photography
 | Photographer