Michaela and Ian

Image 1 of Michaela and Ian

How We Met

We were both freshmen in college when one of our good friends invited us both to coffee at the Starbucks on campus. She wanted us to be introduced because we would be living down the hall from each other that next year and I excitedly agreed, thinking it would be nice to have a friend so close. When we all met up, there was this adorable goofball of a guy standing across from me with a huge smile on his face. We spent the next few hours joking around and making complete fools of ourselves. A few days later we met up again for dinner with some friends and he tricked me into giving him my number. Fast forward through a year of friend zoning, meddling friends, and a mind blowing kiss and you’ll find us now, three years later and even more in love than ever.

how they asked

During our vacation to Disney, Ian and I decided that Saturday would be the celebration of our 3 year anniversary since it was only a couple weeks away. We got dressed up and worked our way to the France Pavillion in Epcot where we planned to grab some food and recreate a picture from the year before. After he spent the whole time telling me not to spill ice cream on my shirt and brush my hair and wipe my mouth, he pulled out a book that he had handmade. It was titled, “You + Me,” by Them. What I found inside were pages upon pages of kindly written words explaining the happiest moment of mine and Ian’s relationship from our friend’s and family’s perspectives. At the end it said, “But what’s my favorite moment? Right now (look up).”

Image 2 of Michaela and Ian

After a little fumbling, he pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked me if I would make thim the happiest man on Earth in the happiest place on Earth. After a lot of crying and asking if he was being serious, I said yes!

Image 3 of Michaela and Ian