Michaela and Ethan

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How We Met

Michaela and I met in Peterborough in college. We are both taking a Bachelor of Theology specializing in youth ministry at Master’s College and Seminary. I saw her the first day of orientation and I knew that I had to get to know her. That is where it began.

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how they asked

I had been searching for the perfect engagement ring for Michaela for about 8 months, and I couldn’t find anything that I loved. There wasn’t anything in stores or online that said buy me. So on July 26th, 2015 I went to Wendt’s Jeweller’s in Mildmay Ontario, an independently owned jewelry store, and got them to custom make me the perfect ring. I chose the center diamond and the cluster diamonds around it, and I chose the band size and weight. After having the band made, Michaela and her close friends began to show me rings that they loved and they Michaela wanted. They were identical to the ring that I had made, except a few differences in the height of the diamond and halo. It was perfect.

Michaela is an excellent planner, and she always knows when I am planning something, and she always seems to know what I am up to. So to plan our proposal, I had to plan it very carefully so that she wouldn’t notice. I knew that she wanted me to propose when there was snow on the ground and when her family was there, and since we are in school in Peterborough, which is a city that is 5 hours away from her family who lives in Sudbury, she would know right away what I was doing if I made a surprise trip to see her family with snow on the ground. Instead, I proposed in Peterborough with no snow and no family on November 12, 2015. But it did snow the morning after I proposed and I booked the weekend off so we could drive to Sudbury and visit her parents after I proposed. The week before I proposed, Michaela’s close friend and I found the perfect photographer and the three of us met on McBride Island in Peterborough to discuss the plan. On November 12th, I took Michaela on “a date.”

I picked her up at 3:30pm and our first stop was Starbucks. It was a cold and windy day, and we were both exhausted from class, so we needed to get caffeine into our bodies. From Starbucks, I began to drive to McBride Island. I always plan and surprise Michaela with dates, so nothing was unusual about taking her somewhere where she had never been before. We got to the Island, where I had the photographer hiding, and I coaxed her to come onto the Island despite the cold and wind. We walked around the Island and got to the place where I wanted to ask her the big question. I got halfway down on knee and Michaela let out a big “YES” before my knee touched the ground.

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