Michaela and Derek

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How We Met

We met at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, IA. We both were going for the same associates degree so we had a lot of the same classes. We became friends after a group project and stayed friends for almost 2 years.We have many of the same interests like comic books, Star Wars, animes, Lord of the Rings, and or course superhero movies, etc. We have different personalities but agree on most things, so many people say we balance each other out.

Michaela and Derek's Engagement in Des Moines IA at Wizard Con

how they asked

Like I said we are both huge nerds, so deciding to go to our first comic con was a not a big surprise. The only thing I thought would be special about this trip though would be that our families were meeting for the first time. Derek had a bigger surprise which he planned with Dean Cain. I had no idea this was coming we had always talked about getting married after he finished school and we had lived together for more than a year. My mother insisted that we sit up in the front row she was trying to explain to another lady who was up front without me knowing. He left right before Dean Cain even started talking so I got worried thinking he would miss it. But he had this all planned from the start which I now realize. The ironic thing is that both our mothers were only able to get pictures no video but the newspaper had covered that which was super cool so I have that forever. A small part of me knew something was up, but my fiancee is generally a shy man and doesn’t like attention so this was even more special because he stepped out of his comfort zone in front of more than a dozen people to ask one of the biggest questions in a persons life. It didn’t hurt that he dressed up as one of our favorite superheros. We will be waiting till he graduates college to get married which will give us time to save for the wedding.


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