Michaela and Cameron

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How We Met

As a third grader, I walked into the new church my family was attending. I was a REALLY talkative kid and all, but this third-grade boy was bouncing-off-the-walls annoying. I could not stand him! Years passed and I would recognize him at sporting events and even point him out to my friends saying “that’s the crazy kid I can’t stand”. Then, high school came around. You guessed it, that “crazy kid” did not only attend my high school, but Cameron became my best friend, the man of my dreams and now my fiancé!

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Now, of course, this didn’t happen overnight. Once we became friends (thanks to our friends who started dating and are now married!), Cameron asked me out a couple times in really thoughtful ways. But that friend zone was real. I just wasn’t ready to step away, or at least that’s what I told myself. After a couple letdowns, Cameron didn’t give up. Finally, I stopped being crazy and realized I had MAJOR feelings for this “crazy kid”. Five years and 7 months later, I have never been so happy Cameron asked me out, for the third time (Yes, I am the worst), September 10, 2012.

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how they asked

It’s 5:20 a.m. Friday morning in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I half wake up to Cameron standing next to my bed saying “Get up! We are going to Chick-fil-a!” It is still a blur as I thought I was dreaming. After a lot of “why can’t we go later?” and grumpy “why are you doing this to me?”, he accidentally said the Chick-fil-a was 9 1/2 hours away… then changed it to an hour and a half. So confused, I finally got in the car. After seeing a cooler and blanket, I thought we were going on a picnic at Lake McMurtry, which is 20 minutes away. Once we passed the turn for the lake I was clueless. An hour and a half later we ate at Chick-fil-a in Wichita, Kansas. But the drive did not end there, next thing I knew we were driving through Denver, Colorado, exiting toward Lakewood, where my best friend lives.

Knocking on her apartment door, I figured she knew I was coming! She acted completely surprised (keyword, acted.. she, of course, knew everything and deserves an Oscar). We got to catch up, eat lunch and get our nails done! I was highly suspicious at this point that Cameron would propose, but he was being so mysterious I even thought he would take me on this weekend trip and propose the night we got back in Stillwater just to mess with me! Onto our next secret destination, I was still begging to know the answers to all my questions. After an hour of driving through snowy winding mountain roads, we pulled up to a cozy tiny house. I have always wanted to stay in one!

The next morning, we walked around town in Golden and made our own candles, which was arguably Cameron’s second favorite part of the trip! He mentioned we had dinner reservations on top of a mountain. As soon as we began driving up Lookout Mountain I was suspicious remembering there is no restaurant on top. He turned into a scenic lookout and we got out of the car. My heart racing, I was thinking “OK this HAS to be the moment!” After he awkwardly stood around waiting for this bench to clear, we walked over.

He seemed to be stalling so I just went with it and still wasn’t sure if it was happening soon because he was really just hanging out. Then, he looked at me and said: “Michaela, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He has said this often lately so I smiled and said “Well good. Me too!” And right then and there he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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Completely surprised that it was happening RIGHT NOW, I pretty much blacked out and said “Oh wow. YES!”. I really did not suspect it happening seconds after he said that to me. Sure enough, a secret photographer came out behind the brush. After taking a few pictures and me STILL starring at my hand completely in shock, the photographer parted ways and Cameron and I sat down on the bench in the spot he had just asked me one of the biggest questions of our lives. I generally have slow reactions to huge moments. As soon as we sat down, it all hit me and the tears began.

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We enjoyed this moment watching the sun begin to go down in the valleys. After I asked him a million questions about HOW he pulled this off, we started getting cold and drove to our actual dinner reservations. Sitting in the parking lot, one of our favorite songs came on, the Avett Brother’s Murder in the City. “Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name” is the lyric that made Cameron, and then, of course, me, start bawling. He said he had never heard the song in that way. In addition to the proposal, this was one of my favorite moments.

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After listening to more songs making us cry, we were like “OK we need to stop listening to music right now haha”. From here we ate dinner in Golden and made our way back to the tiny home. Leaving that morning, there was another snowfall. I did not want to leave our own little world and beautiful scenery, but when arriving home that night, my friends and family had gathered to surprise me and celebrate (even my friend from Colorado flew in to surprise me, yet again)! I couldn’t imagine a more perfect weekend. Cameron Austin, YES YES YES!

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