Michaela and Benjamin

How we met: We met during our freshman year at Colorado State University through our campus ministry, Chi Alpha. At the beginning of our sophomore year, we really got to know each other because our friend groups were always hanging out. Even when there was a large group of us all together, the two of always ended up talking and laughing together. By the end of the fall semester, he was basically my best friend and our admiration for each other became more obvious. In January 2014, he asked me if he could pursue my heart with the intention of marrying me. We both really adored each other for a while before we started dating but truly believe the other was out of our leagues… he apparently still is once you hear how they asked ;). I remember one night about 4 months before we started dating, I told my roommates that I’d marry Ben Stone if I ever got the chance to… so wild to think that I get the marry this incredible man.

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how they asked: Two weeks before summer, I received a letter from a couple at my church inviting me and my closest friends on a weekend treasure hunt adventure around Colorado. They told me the hunt was hosted by the church to help promote fellowship and community within the college ministry. It was all so believable!! Before all of this, my best friend, Melissa, really convinced me that he was going to propose later in the summer so I had absolutely no reason to even suspect what was going on.

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On Friday, we headed out on our adventure and in search of the clues! We put the 4 guys (my fiancé, Ben, included) in one car and the 4 girls in another; we even had walkie-talkies and code names between the two cars. The clues were all very clever and rhymed and actually quite tricky; they looked very legit, the edges were burnt and everything!

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For the next two days we drove all over the state of Colorado finding clues and having a blast! At one point I even said that this was my favorite weekend of college so far (little did I know). We ventured to Rocky Mountain National Park, Lyons, Boulder to take a picture on top of CU’s mascot in our CSU gear (GO STATE!), Golden, Idaho Springs to eat at Beau Jo’s (my favorite pizza ever), Glenwood Springs to hike Hanging Lake, Aspen for BBQ, Buena Vista, Garden of the Gods, and then back to Fort Collins.

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Once back in Fort Collins, we went to the church and Ben “went to the restroom”. Melissa kept pushing me to read the clue, but I refused to while Ben was gone. She ended up reading it and it gave us a puzzle to solve. Throughout the trip, there were clues that had little pictures with numbers on the back that we used in the puzzle to solve for coordinates. They lead to this secret spot on campus where we used to have lunch last summer. I still had no idea what was going on… They told me softly that it was time to go… It finally all hit me and I asked Melissa, “Is this really happening?” She replied, “It’s been quite the adventure hasn’t it?” And the water works began!

We headed over to the spot on campus and I had to dig up an” X marks the spot”. There was a little tin with the final clue inside. Written on the clue was the first thing I had run up to tell him before our sophomore year started and when we became good friends. That had happened on my friend’s porch, so I realized we were supposed to go there next.

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The drive to my friend’s house was the most excited/nervous I had ever been. I was in so much shock because I truly wasn’t expecting this to happen right now! We got to the house and my friends prayed over me. I got out of the car and Ben had lined the whole driveway with envelopes that had various memories he had collected over the last year and a half. He even gave me a little basket to put them in!

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I looked through them very quickly (I was dying to finally be with him) and made it to the porch where his laptop was sitting. I played a video where he told me really kind, sweet things. After it ended I sat there for a minute until I heard him behind me. I stood up, turned around and there he was, my marvelous man… He got down on one knee and said “Michaela Faye Good, will you marry me?” I just kept nodding because I was still crying so much and in such shock.

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After a few sweet minutes together, we went inside and our friends had gathered to celebrate with us. I am still so blown away by my incredible fiancé. He planned this crazy adventure for 9 months; all to surprise me with the question that would change and unite both of our lives for forever. It is so wild to think that this is only the beginning of a blessed lifetime of adventure with him by my side. I love you, Benjamin Stone. Thank you Jesus, for giving me the sweetest taste of your love and promises for me through this marvel of a man.

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