Michaela and Alex

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How We Met

Going to court for most people is not a good thing; for US, court is where our story begins. I worked for Angela who is an attorney and as you may or may not know, the courthouse world is very small. A little over 3 years ago we both heard each other’s names in passing many times, the conversations buzzed of us making a great couple but officially meeting wasn’t something that was discussed or at the time was even an option… until the day Angela requested “necessary” documents to be brought to court. While most girls plan their first encounter meticulously from fingernail polish to the earrings that would perfectly compliment their makeup, I was in simple jeans and pink sweater, ugh!

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Our meeting was quick, but I was truly taken back by Alex who was not only professional but equally handsome in his navy-blue suit and polka dot tie. On my way back to the office i couldn’t help but think there was no way he would ask me out after seeing me dressed like that. Little did I know. To my surprise a few days later I received a text from Alex asking me out for dinner!! (YES!) The first date was set a few days later although the typical nervous butterflies were in the air, the conversation for both of us was seamless and although there was no kiss, another date was set for the next day. As the second date was coming to a close I was still unsure about where this relationship could go. Could Alex be a just a friend or could this potentially blossom into something more? As the second date was wrapping up, Alex was walking me to my car I jumped the gun and kissed Alex… Sometimes you just have to do what you got to do in order to confirm what direction you need to proceed (haha) and our relationship blossomed from there.

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how they asked

The day started out as our typical Saturday of organizing and relaxing around the house. I hadn’t spent time with my niece Cece in a while and planned to get our nails done for some quality time (luckily for me the jeans and pink sweater situation would not duplicate itself). Upon my return I noticed there was something different about Alex, his normal loving demeanor was amplified, I couldn’t resist the bratty “What are you looking at?” to help alleviate the weird/different feeling I was getting from him. The day progressed with Alex and I making pizza and drinking wine as usual while we indulged in our guilty pleasure of House Hunters when out of nowhere I got a headache.

Fortunately, Alex stated he had something that would probably make me feel better. I proceeded to get Tylenol when I saw Alex walking towards me with a large white box (something you’d see a large coat wrapped in), unbeknownst to me, I was excited about the “coat” for our upcoming visit to San Francisco but as Alex walked closer I noticed Tiffany’s Sweet Spot logo which made me immediately start to cry (no one will ever understand the love between a girl and her treats), as I peeked inside I noticed a cookie with “Marry Me?” and my ring surrounded by cupcakes which made me cry even more.

During this cry fest Alex couldn’t help but ask if I was okay or if something was wrong. Poor guy. I was just so overcome with happiness that the tears of joy continued to flow as Alex grabbed the ring, knelt down on one knee and asked the question I’ve waited forever to hear “Will you marry me, will you be my wife?” to which I responded “YES!” We spent the rest of the night calling our parents and indulging in more wine and cupcakes! Definitely the sweetest day of my life!!

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