Michaela and Alex

Where to Propose in Boots and Hearts Music Festival, Ontario

How They Asked

I had a small feeling he would do it over the weekend while at our favorite music festival. He always said he would love to do it at Boots and Hearts but that I’d have to wait until I was done university. I graduated from Brock in June so I thought maybe it could be this year? My friends all knew and posed for a photo with me. When they walked away I was so confused (as you can see in the video). My friend Brennah saw I was about to put in my baggy sweater and snatched it away saying “I’m cold do you mind if I borrow it?” To which I was confused but agreed. She didn’t want me to wear an ugly sweater while getting proposed to!

Michaela's Proposal in Boots and Hearts Music Festival, Ontario

I was so ecstatic to see Alex on one knee and overwhelmed with the love and support from all my friends. I’m most thankful for everyone being together to celebrate with us!

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