Nicole and Michael

How They Asked

We were high school sweethearts and finally settled into our careers. We never went on a vacation together and I always wanted to visit Lake Louise (which was on my bucket list), second thing on my bucket list while there was to take a ‘Follow Me’ photo at the lake. Mike booked our vacation with a bunch of friends joining us, I had no idea he was planning to propose. Towards the end of our vacation, we were leaving our Airbnb in Canmore and it was raining, Mike apparently was extremely nervous that day but I didn’t notice anything was off.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lake Louis, Alberta

We got to Lake Louise and it was beautiful fluffy snow falling down on us. I was so excited to check off two things off my bucket list that day, seeing Lake Louise and taking a ‘Follow Me’ photo with Mike holding my hand. I kept pointing out spots to take the photo, but Mike kept saying no let’s find the perfect place. Eventually, he found the perfect place and held my hand towards it. He positioned my hand and took a photo, I turned around when I felt him tug on my hand.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lake Louis, Alberta

Mike started saying how much our relationship met to him and he got down on one knee, our friends had their cameras positioned on us and then Mike proposed. It totally surprised me and I was beyond happy. Of course, we took another ‘Follow Me’ photo but this time with my engagement ring!