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How We Met

Michael and I met in late October of 2013. I was living in Providence, RI and had an incredible job in technology PR. I had just gotten back from a business trip in Chicago and had decided to take the next day off to venture up to Boston with a few of my girlfriends…one which happened to be Michael’s younger sister Maddy. Maddy was looking into graduate nursing programs and had an information session that fateful Friday afternoon…so naturally myself and friend Jacque tagged along to hit up some happy hour spots. Like most crazy, single, 20-somethings we had no real plan. Where should we stay…maybe we’ll just sleep in the car? What should we wear…well, we’re single and ready to mingle right? We got beautified and headed into the city letting the night take us wherever it may. I did also have some very close friends who lived and worked in the city, so I made plans to meet up with my roommate from college Molly and her husband, Josh. We had a few drinks, shared many laughs, I enjoyed some hard apple cider/Fireball whiskey concotion and when Maddy was ready to meet up with Jacque and I, we were repeatedly coaxed to stay. “Come back with us to Newton”, Molly had chided. “You have no where to stay here, stay with us and we’ll get you back to your car tomorrow.” Everything in me was totally down for a cozy night of sleeping in a guest room bed, but I decided to say eff it to rational thinking and continued on with this impromtu Boston bar crawl.

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After another bar, some $1 draft beers and running into some questionable suitors, I was nearly ready to hang up the towel. I mean come on, I was 25 and couldn’t hang like I used to just a mere few years ago. But Maddy insisted we stay out, she said her older brother was visiting some friends and we should go meet up with them. We had talked about Michael before, but never anything serious. I sort of always hated the thought of dating a friend’s brother…what if things didn’t work. Yuck, that would be messy. Regardless, after waiting in line, in the cold to get into Southie’s Lincoln Tavern – PS: Michael and his friends knew the bouncer, so they cut us all, RUDE – we finally made it and I was eventually face to face with my future husband.

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Me being me, fresh off of a work trip and a number of drinks in, decided I’d be the generous one and buy the 8+ of us a round of Fireball shots. I apparently didn’t order fast enough, because Michael repeatedly reminded me of my offer to the point where I was really starting to think he was super annoying; however he was cute. Shot in hand, I even Facebooked the notorious Florida Georgia Line lyrics, “That Fireball whiskey whispers, temptation in my ear”, embarassing I know. That right there started our tradition of Fireball “appetizers” before date nights…a match made in heaven, we are.

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Long story short, Michael and I both look back at that night and always ask a lot of “what ifs” — what if he never answered his sister’s text; what if I decided to go home with my college roommate instead? I waited a while to tell Michael, but that night I knew I was going to fall in love with him. The rest is history.

how they asked

The night Michael proposed was a complete and utter dream, truly an out-of-body experience. We are just a few days away from celebrating our 1-year engagement-versary and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Michael is not really a planner, he is much more of a go-with-the-flow guy, which honestly is 100% the reason why we work the way we do. I am a Type A, OCD, plan the crap out of everything pyscho and he is my calming zen. So when he texted me early on the morning of May 11th, 2016 to see if I wanted to have dinner on the beach, I literally had no clue what was going to happen. Every year we get an off-road beach sticker for Barnstable’s Sandy Neck Beach; I swear Michael couldn’t wait for the first summer that we were dating because he knew as soon as I experienced this beach, I would love Cape Cod and totally want to move here…yup, it worked. At the start of each season, we like to bring our rescue pup out for a few quiet sunset dinners where we can literally enjoy miles of beach to ourselves. So being that May 11th was the first real warm Spring day in the forecast, I didn’t second guess his dinner invitation. The afternoon started off like any other; I came from work, changed into leggings and a sweatshirt and we drove over to the local grocery store to pick up some firewood before placing an order for takeout. Once we arrive at the beach, Michael tends to get pretty antsy because of the whole process; we have to pass through security, take the air out of all my tires, and then search for a spot that doesn’t have any other dogs nearby – side note, our rescue is a Chihuhua Terrier mix with little dog syndrome, friendly as can be but will literally bark at a leaf that blows by. Much to my surprise, Michael was completely calm, cool and collected. And we almost immediately found a perfect dinner spot where you had to strain your eyes to see the next car. I should have known this was all too perfect. We sit down to eat and I realize the restaurant had forgotten to pack my utensils for my salad – another side note, I was just days away from completing a round of Whole 30 and hangry AF. Normally, something like this would have annoyed me for the rest of the night, but I improvised and made due with the bamboo skewer my chicken came on…another sign, that things were too perfect. As the sun slowly began to set, we let Jax off his leash for a few minutes of freedom on the sand. I hadn’t even noticed the playlist that slowly began to hum out of Michael’s wireless speaker. When he called Jax back over to him, which eventually got me walking in the right direction, I could just barely make out my most favorite love song; Lee Brice’s “I Don’t Dance”.

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Michael stopped and hugged me, again nothing out of the ordinary, anytime this song came on he would stop whatever he was doing and dance with me. Still, I hadn’t clued in to the magic that was about to happen. With the sun setting so perfectly, Michael started to fidget with his jacket – right then I thought, OMG how cool would it be if he proposed?!? BUT immediately my inner monologue said “KEEP ON DREAMING SISTA”, I had these moments before, when I thought this might be it, so I quickly brushed the feeling aside. Then he dropped to one knee. I honestly can’t even remember everything the said, I caught blips of it, like “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, but all I could really focus on was the ring. My dream ring. Simple and classic and so sparkly. The way the sun hit it, I swear to you I thought it was fake. Michael is a prankster, I totally considered this being a big fat joke for about 30 seconds. Then the tears hit. Happy tears of course. But, the kind of tears where your body is just numb and you can’t believe what is happening. I couldn’t stop crying, I couldn’t hold myself up. Jax was running around like, “Hey Mom! Hey Dad! What’s going on?!” I was just at a loss for words. Poor Michael stayed down on that knee until I could finally mumble yes. When we started to walk back to our fire and chairs, I asked him, “Do normal people cry this much?” – that’s probably one of my favorite parts of the whole night, and is the last thing you can hear me say on the video. Oh yea…Mr. No Plans caught the ENTIRE thing on video. He’s so stealthy, he set up my iPhone to record it all, and little did he know it was absolutely perfect. The sun, the fire, our shadows, everything. It was the most amazing and magical thing anyone has ever done for me.

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Calling our famlies and friends was the second best part. I could hear it in Michael’s voice how proud he was, no one aside from his brother and a few co-workers knew what he was planning. The phone calls and texts seemed endless, but so worth it. Even better was the last 15 minutes we spent by the fire. It was so wonderful to share those precious moments on the beach together, totally alone and at peace. Soon after I broke my Whole 30 no-alcohol fast as we popped some champs with Michael’s parents, YOLO right?! We later returned to Sandy Neck for our engagement photo session. Our incredible photographer, Danielle Ryder, had us adjust the start time last minute so that we could recreate that incredible sunset. She is just brilliant.

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