Singer Plans His Proposal Over Three Years

There’s not much we love more than when a guy puts a lot of time and thought into planning his proposal, especially when the build up to a proposal is THREE YEARS!

Singer Michael Franti proposed to his girlfriend, Sara Lua Agah, an emergency room nurse and jewelry designer, on Tuesday.The two met at a music festival in Canada and began dating after three years of being friends.

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The proposal included a montage of videos that Franti had taken on his iPhone of the last three years of the couple’s six year relationship. The singer paired these clips with his romantic song, “Life is Better with You,” which he wrote for Agah in 2013.

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Franti explained on his Facebook page Tuesday, “At a surprise dinner I planned in Bali, I played her the song on acoustic guitar and then showed her the video.” Cue the tears.

What a sweet proposal Michael! In the words of your hit song, “I know, one thing, that I love you.”

Photos by Lyfe Kitchen and Spearhead Home
Video by Michael Franti