Ashley and Michael

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Minnesota State Fair

How We Met

Mike and I were set up on a blind date in 2010 where we had dinner and I got to meet Mike’s parents and sister as well. Mike was very shy that night and all he wanted to do is impress me and not embarrass himself. I thought he was very nice and the night went really well. After the date, we talked a couple of times and then lost touch. We were still friends on Facebook and started talking again in 2012. Went on another date for dinner and drinks, both turned 21 that year. We hit it off and made our relationship official that same year in August.

how they asked

We’ve been dating for 6 years and every year we celebrate at the Minnesota State Fair. Sometimes it’s just the two of us that go or we have friends that join us for the many foods and drinks. August 31, 2018, was different this time. I arrived at Mike’s parents’ house to meet him for when he got done with work and of course, his parents and sister knew what was going to happen. Little did I know my parents were told the night before. Even some of my co-workers knew. We got to the fairgrounds with his sister and Mike wanted to go see if there was an artist that would do a caricature of us two.

Ashley and Michael's Engagement in Minnesota State Fair

Mike was drawn first and his sister was there to distract me so Mike could ask the artist to draw a proposal. Once the drawing was complete of the two of us, the drawing was revealed and Mike was down on one knee.

Mike actually had to ask twice because the simple word “yes” couldn’t come out of my mouth due to being so surprised and shocked. All I could think about is to tell myself that this is real and to nod my head up and down. It was a final yes to my forever best friend.