Vanessa and Michael

Image 1 of Vanessa and Michael

How We Met

We met at a car dealership when Vanessa was looking at a Dodge Challenger. I was traveling from state college to Messiah College, finishing my masters degree when I decided to stop and look at a car. Michael was “up next” for the salesmen and that’s how we met. From there we kept in touch and began dating. We have been “together” since April 29th, 2015!

Image 2 of Vanessa and Michael

When Vanessa moved to Gettysburg for a teaching job, Michael moved soon after. Once they decided that they were both “in it for the long haul” they moved in together. On October 21st, 2017 Michael proposed to Vanessa, and she said yes (and cried a little).

Image 3 of Vanessa and Michael

how they asked

On October 21, 2018 Vanessa and Michael got ready for a concert (Community band that Vanessa conducts). Michael had said that he wanted to go for a drive after the concert. Nothing weird about that, they went for drives all the time.

Image 4 of Vanessa and Michael

Michael told Vanessa that it would be about an hour before they got “there”, but wouldn’t tell her where “there” was. She still didn’t think much of it. Vanessa ended up falling asleep in the car and woke up TWO HOURS later. When she asked Michael what was up, he said that he didn’t judge the trip timing well, and she bought it!

Image 5 of Vanessa and Michael

They stopped for a late lunch somewhere in Maryland and then kept driving. Eventually Michael told her that they were going to Shenandoah National Park for a drive and a hike. Awesome! They went to the visitor center (Vanessa loves the touristy stuff) and then for a short two-mile hike. They then drove for a little while, since the drive is part of what makes this park so famous Vanessa remained in the dark of Michael’s intentions.

Image 6 of Vanessa and Michael

They stopped at a beautiful, albiet crowded, overlook and took some pictures then continued driving. They stopped a few more times and then eventually stoped at Mount Marshall right before sunset. As they hiked they eventually found an empty lookout to watch the remainder of the sunset. Then, all of a sudden Michael pulled something from his bag and got down on one knee!!!

Image 7 of Vanessa and Michael

“I know that this has been a rough year, but I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Vanessa Kay Murawski, will you marry me?” Through tears she managed to tell him that she absolutely would!