Stephanie and Michael

How We Met

I have few lasting relationships, but one of them is with Sanuk (shoes). I always pictured my special day with them by my side or on my feet. They have gotten me through a 1/2 Marathon, 50+ miles of hiking, and I have worn my way through at least a dozen pairs. So, our first casual conversation about wedding stuff, Stephanie showed me pictures of tan Italian dress shoes she had pinned. I said, “I’m wearing sanuks to my wedding!”

Well, she was already overwhelmed with wedding talk and dealing with a stubborn man. She didn’t understand the extent of my brand loyalty with sanuks at this point and wondered if I wouldn’t compromise on something as simple as shoes, what would I compromise on? Well, from my point of view, ALL I wanted her to compromise on WAS the shoes. I am willing to let anything and everything else go when it comes to our wedding day. I just want to maintain my relationship with Sanuk.

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Flash forward, Stephanie has come to accept my uniqueness and Sanuks. I wanted to show her that I would compromise for her. By this point I had already picked out a ring. Being a wedding photographer, I figured she had seen so many rings, I wanted to get her something unique and special that would only be hers. She is a unique and special woman, I wanted the ring to express her uniqueness. Her style is timeless (grandmaish at times), she loves antiques, Art Deco. I felt after months of searching, I found something that expressed her in a ring. Timeless and beautiful. My original location for the proposal was ruined shortly after I had decided to propose at “duck rock” in Cape Kiwanda (see Stephanie’s cover photo). Some stupid kids knocked it over. It’s where Stephanie and I became a couple. If that wasn’t going to work, than I was going to make the proposal the best metaphor EVER! If you know Stephanie, she loves metaphors.

So, I hiked her to the top of Angels Landing in Zion National Park. One of the most dangerous and sketchy hikes with a breathtaking view. After we reached the top together, I excused myself to use the bathroom. As Stephanie was busy photographing the scenery, I put on socks and shoes and pulled out the ring. I snuck up behind her and knelt down. As she turned back around and saw me, she was in shock! “What!?! Is this for real!?! Is that for me !!? Are you serious?!”

All I could really get out was “I have loved you for so long..” by this point she noticed the shoes and socks! I think I also said something along the lines of “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” After the longest silence of my life, she started nodding her head, and said “Yeah. Yes.” Stephanie is the metaphor queen so I won’t try and give names to all the potential metaphors, but there were a LOT!”

I can’t even think about it without crying. I think we’ll be looking for his and hers wedding Sanuks.

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