Stephanie and Michael

How We Met

I was at a bar on Halloween weekend a few blocks from Mike’s firehouse in Manhattan. I stepped outside for some fresh air and saw Mike, in uniform, step off the fire truck. I jokingly blurted out, “nice costumes boys!” Mike and I ended up talking for long time and exchanged phone numbers before he had to leave. To ensure I had his number he sent me a text saying “wedding” because I had mentioned I was going to a wedding in a few days and he wanted to remember who the text was with. Two and a half years later we got engaged and our “wedding” is on July 3rd, 2016.

how they asked

We woke up on February 28th 2015 at Mikes parents house in Warwick NY which is about 10 minutes from Mountain Creek in Vernon N.J. We headed to the mountain for our usual shredding of some trails. On one of the lifts up to the top Mike told me he really needed to go to the bathroom, so when we got to the top he told me he was going to run into ski patrol. He went in and unknowingly to me his father (who was skiing earlier that day) had dropped off Mikes backpack packed with his computer and a sandwich. When Mike came out of the ski patrol I asked him “where did you get that backpack from” and he proceeded to ask me if I wanted to have lunch with him. He walked over to a secluded spot in the snow where he set up his computer. We sat in the snow as he had me watch a video that he had made for me. The video was the most special romantic thing I had ever seen (and Mike does A LOT of romantic things). It ended with a slide saying he had one more question for me. He stood up only to get down on one knee and ask me to MARRY him. We finished up our lunch and skied down the mountain to head home where I suggested we pick up his parents to head to the winery to celebrate.

As if I wasn’t already on cloud 9, we were a block away from his parents house when he told me to put a blind fold on. I was besides myself not able to imagine what could possibly be coming next. We were half way up the driveway when Mike told me to take off the blind fold. I was completely and utterly overwhelmed with all of our families and loved ones on the front porch. Mikes mom had put together an amazing surprise party celebrate our engagement.

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