Michael and Scott

How They met

Michael and I met at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. He is an International Opera Star and was singing with the Washington National Opera when I was working behind the scenes on a show he was in. We had immediate chemistry and he approached me after a few glances in my direction. He mentioned that the cast and he were going out in a couple of days and said casually that I should join. I of course said yes. When I showed up and met him at the restaurant it was just him standing there. After a few awkward moments, I asked where the rest of the cast was and he said, oh I think it’s just going to be us. It that ok? I thought how smooth…….after a couple of margaritas there was some serious electricity happening.

How They asked

Michael was singing the title role of Verdi’s Macbeth in Chautauqua NY. It is a beautiful arts community on Lake Chautauqua NY. Such a romantic and gorgeous setting for opera. Michael had sung there maybe 8 or 9 times and really loved to be on the lake and play tennis while soaking up the sun and singing and working with young artists. I remember him being really specific about when I would visit him this particular year. He kept saying that his whole family would be there etc…….The evening of his performance I remember him being oddly concerned with what I was wearing. Hysterical. Looking back now……I should’ve known that something was afoot.

He sang a stunning performance to nearly 4000 people and afterwards there were about 150 people of the cast and crew and people from the arts community at an after party. I remember I kept asking Michael if he was ok because he couldn’t seem to stop sweating. He was so nervous. He got up to make a speech about the general director of the opera company whose last year it was. In the midst of this speech he asked me to join him. I thought, what is going on????? He proceeded to say Scott……in front of my family and friends I need to ask you something…….He knelt down and pulled out the most beautiful David Yurman ring and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked and so happy and said YES to resounding cheers from everyone. He had it video taped so we have it forever.

Special Thanks

Laurie Rhodes
 | Photographer