Samantha and Michael


How We Met

We met in 2005, during our sophomore year in high school…back when AOL instant messenger was the coolest thing since sliced-bread. A mutual friend introduced us, but since we lived in different towns and went to rival high schools, we began chatting exclusively online. Our conversations were effortless and we had so much in common, that even at 15, it was obvious our relationship was special. The butterflies were flying for both of us whenever the other’s screenname popped up on our buddy list. After chatting for a few months we arranged a day-date with friends at a local ice skating rink, where we were awkward and shy teenagers. Nonetheless, we ended that night chatting away on IM, where Mike asked me to be his girlfriend! We have been together ever since!


how they asked

Mike proposed to me on our yearly vacation with my family in Long Be ach Island, NJ. He tricked me into thinking he forgot his bathing suit, I mean, who forgets their bathing suit on a beach vacation!? He sent me on a shopping trip with my mom to buy him a new one, and we made plans to meet up again for dinner later that night. After successfully buying a new bathing suit, my mom and I decided to head over to the restaurant. But when my mom drove past the restaurant and pulled up to the beach access in Ship Bottom I didn’t think anything of it, and figured we were just killing time and walking the beach before meeting everyone for dinner. As I crested the top of the beach entrance, I found an unbelievable surprise trip down memory lane. The beach was lined with a trail of wooden signs, and there was Mike waiting for me at the bottom. The first set of signs we came to were our AOL instant messenger screen names, a nod to how our relationship first started back in high school. After that, all of the signs were filled with pictures of the past decade of our relationship. A blur of high school proms, first cars, high school graduations, trips,college graduations, birthdays… the list goes on! As we walked, Mike pointed to each of the signs and told me all about his favorite memories. When we got to the end of the trail, Mike grabbed my flip flops, that I was still carrying, and threw them off to the side. He took my hands and told me that he loves all our memories… but that this moment was going to be his new favorite. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I couldn’t say YES fast enough!  In the distance, at the top of the beach access, my entire family was cheering!







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