Nicole and Michael

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How We Met

I met my fiancé while on a haunted hayride in October, 2002. I was in 7th grade. He was in 8th. My best friend Bryana grew up with one of Mike’s best friends. Bryana and Reese lived on the same street and from 7th grade on, our little group of girlfriends hung out with Reese’s group of guy friends.

I was sitting on the hay filled wagon with my girlfriends when Michael came up and sat down next to me. I was super shy. He was the

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My fiance and I in 2002 and now in 2016.

complete the opposite of shy. He looked like a miniature “Eminem” to me. Although he has always been a great kid and comes from a wonderful family, he came off as a little bit of a thug. I was smitten.

We quickly became best friends and then boyfriend and girlfriend. Mike was there for me through all of the ups and downs of high school and just life in general. I was always there for him. We really loved each other. I was always on his side and he was always on mine. We went to all our proms and celebrations together. At the time, I could not imagine my life without him.

Although at times it seemed like we were navigating a mine field, we survived his first year away at college. I made a scrapbook of all our years together for him to take with him. I remember crying as I left his dorm to drive home with his parents. We were not so lucky when it came to surviving my first year of college. We had so many terrible arguments. I said I needed to just get away. He reacted defiantly and seemed bent on proving to me that he was better off without me.

I had been single for a while when Michael called me to congratulate me on my new job and to tell me how proud of me he was. We had both gone on to graduate from college. I was working a Fox News in NYC and Mike had started a successful construction company. We slowly began to date again. Soon, all of the bad feelings from the past melted away and I felt that I finally had the love of my life back.

how they asked

Disney World has always been my very favorite place on earth. My parents took my sister, brother, and me to Disney World nearly every year while growing up, and even invited Michael to come along twice.

Mike knows me better than anyone and he certainly knows how happy Disney makes me. About a month before my birthday, he informed me that he had booked a trip to Disney so we could celebrate in my favorite place..

Michael made reservations at all of my favorite places. I was especially excited that he had gotten a reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table. It is my absolute favorite place to dine, and it always seemed to be booked.

We had the most amazing dinner, and as always, we just talked and talked. We were in the middle of conversation, when I was startled by the entire group of princesses walking directly toward our table. Cinderella was holding a covered tray. For a moment, I thought that my birthday gift may have been underneath. Cinderella lifted the lid and revealed a beautiful glass dish covered in rose petals. In the center of those Best moment of my life when Mike proposed to me in Cinderella’s Castle! Right after he got down on one knee

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In Animal Kingdom the day after!

petals was a sparkly miniature glass slipper. I remember thinking that I wanted to get a photograph with the princesses. When I turned around and attempted to stand up, I saw the love of my life down on one knee. He was holding an open ring box that had a tiny light on the lid. That light was shinning on the most beautiful engagement ring in the world. I started to cry. I am pretty sure Michael was crying too. At that moment, I felt so completely happy. It had taken us almost 14 years to get here.

Of course I said yes! Right after I did, I noticed our families peeking out from the corners. I had no idea they were there! It was such an amazing surprise and it just proves, yet again, how thoughtful my fiancé is.

We were escorted down the steps of the castle by the princesses. Michael had a photographer waiting. He made sure that the entire area was closed off. As the fireworks started to fill the sky above the castle with bright lights and colors, Michael and I got to take our very first photos together as an engaged couple.

The night was simply magical.