Nicole and Michael

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Michael and I have been dating for a little over 3 and a half years. From the very beginning we knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. Getting married was no secret between the two of us, after about 2 and 1/2 years I would ask when we would officially make the next step, Michael always told me not to worry and it will happen when I least expect it. Months passed and I thought for sure it was going to happen by Christmas 2015, but Christmas and New years came and went; nothing happened. Little did I know the plan that was in store for me. It was the second week of January and we were planning on going into the city to see a broadway show. I thought nothing of it since we usually go every year around this time. As it got closer to the weekend Michael asked me if I wanted to go on a horse and carriage ride, I always wanted to go so of course I said yes! The plan was that we were going to got to Central Park to enjoy our horse and carriage ride and then go out to see the show we planned on seeing. We went into the city like no big deal, we got to Central Park and waited for the horse and carriage ride that Michael had reserved for us, I still didn’t think anything of it since everything seemed normal. Finally we get on our horse and carriage and started our tour of central park. After about 25 minutes our ride stops and we are let out to take a “safari” around parts of Central Park, at first I thought it was cool but yet strange, I didn’t know they did this on rides? Me being me, I went along with it, we walked around for a bit and then I started to get cold. As we were walking I noticed Michael was quiet, to myself I was thinking can this be it? But once we were walking back to the horse and carriage and nothing happened I thought no, not yet maybe in a few months. As we get on Michael asks our driver to take us to the Bow Bridge, at first I was shocked that Michael new about that but didn’t think much of it. We get to the bridge and our driver said he would let us out and take some pictures for us. Me loving pictures thought that was a great idea! So we are standing there taking pictures, again I got that feeling that maybe this was it, but then again nothing happened! At this point I figured there was no way it was happening tonight, it seemed like it was getting towards the end of our ride. As we are walking back from the bridge our driver told us that he likes to go to this rock in Central Park and take pictures, he said the background behind it is amazing. So we go, as we go I noticed a lady there holding a violin case, at first I thought nothing of it. Our driver started taking our picture, then all of a sudden the violinist starts playing and as she starts playing our song (I didn’t notice at the time) Michael turned to me and that was when I knew it was FINALLY happening. As he got down on one knee I lost it and didn’t even hear a word he said, this was the moment I have been thinking about constantly for the past year and it was finally happening! After I said yes and put on the ring it felt like I was dreaming. Michael told me that we weren’t going to see a broadway show and that was just a decoy to get me into the city, we had plans to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and then go celebrate with family. It was one of the most exciting and surreal moments in my life and he defiantly took me by surprise!

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Special Thanks

Chia-Yin Carol Ma
 | Violinist
 | Horse and Carriage