Michael and Nicholas

How we met

Nicholas and I met the way most twenty-somethings meet these days: social media! We went to separate high schools but were both in theatre programs. Through state festivals we met a mutual friend from yet another school and then became friends on Facebook through him. I was living near Daytona Beach and Nicholas was living in Tampa. After years of being friends online, I decided to drive down and meet in person. We had a super casual first date at a Red Robin in the mall and we immediately connected so well. I quickly found myself commuting to and from Tampa sometimes 2-3 times a week to be together. After just 3 short months we moved in together and have been together since.

how they asked

The proposal was a complete surprise! (A good surprise, of course.) Nicholas had been sharing all kinds of dream proposals with me for years. So, I always thought I would be the one proposing to him. In February of 2016, he decided that at Christmas he would be proposing. He told my family early on and to my surprise, no one spilled the secret! We were going to celebrate Christmas with my immediate family in Texas and he knew it would mean a lot to me. He ordered a custom deer antler and ironwood ring that I’ve always wanted and had it delivered to my sisters house in Texas. He knows I’m nosey and I would have found it if it was in our apartment. On Christmas morning my sister handed Nicholas a small gift box as if it was from her to him. She started filming him open it and I was so confused what could be so important. Then, I saw the wood-burned box and I knew what it was immediately. I said some embarrassing things on camera, followed by an emphatic “Yes!” We are getting married on our 6 years anniversary in April 2018 and I wouldn’t want it any other way.