Michael and Marie | Proposal on East 4th Street

Michael and MarieHow We Met: Marie Finelli and Michael Pacetti are from North Royalton, Ohio. They grew up just minutes away from each other. Marie and her family lived in Royal Valley off Walling’s road; the very same road Michael and his family lived. They were both members of St. Albert the Great Church where Marie attended grade school and Michael PSR. They even attended the same high school in North Royalton. Marie was a freshman when Michael was a senior. They didn’t actually meet until Marie’s graduation through their mutual friend and neighbor Kevin Lahiff.

Marie and Michael started dating the summer before Marie’s sophomore year of college. While hanging out with friends at a local bar in North Royalton, they were reconnected and hit it off right away. Michael asked her on a date the very next day. When he asked Marie what she would like to do, she told him to surprise her! Which is unusual since Marie normally has to know everything..

He took her downtown to East 4th where she had never been before. They ate at Mexican restaurant Zocalo followed by a night at the comedy club Hilarities. That night was perfect. Holding hands walking back to the car a local Clevelander yelled, “You better marry that girl!”

how they asked: Four and a half wonderful years later, Michael asked Marie’s parents’ permission to marry their daughter. He wanted to make the proposal special but still surprise her. He knew it would be difficult! On Saturday, March 22nd 2014 they had dinner on East 4th street before meeting friends. Little did Marie know, Mike had other plans that only their parents knew about. His mother and stepfather were hiding outside the restaurant; patiently waiting to capture the moment! Marie’s mom was there too! They quietly followed the couple as the two left and began walking down the beautiful street. Michael began telling Marie how much he loved her and finally got down on one knee. He proposed in the middle of East 4th Street. It was absolutely perfect, it was a surprise, and she said YES.