Michael and Logan


How we met

Mike: We attended the same college and were both involved in the Outdoor Adventures program. When I was a sophomore, I led a freshman orientation adventure trip and Logan was a freshman participant on that trip. We bonded over our love of rock climbing and a few months later decided to start dating.

Logan: I met Mike my first day of college. I had to hand in paperwork for a trip that I was participating in before the school year began. I actually wasn’t even supposed to be on the trip because by the time I decided to sign up, all of the spots were full. I got a call during the summer saying that someone dropped out, so I was able to go. Also, Mike wasn’t even supposed to be my leader! He was going to lead another group but the leaders ended up getting switched. Mike and I got along right away, but the other girls in the group and I weren’t always very nice to him, teasing him all the time. I’m really glad he decided to keep hanging out with me after the trip!


how they asked

Mike: Logan and I were planning on taking a climbing trip as a vacation after Logan got off work for the summer (she is a Middle School french teacher). We decided to go to the New River Gorge in Fayetteville, WV. In college we took lots of trips together to do all sorts of adventure activities like climbing Mt. Washington in NH in the winter, rappelling into a 100 ft deep cave in WV, going to Vermont for a outdoor festival and climbing competition, going to the French alps for Christmas.

We fell in love because we were able to bond over our love for being outside and experiencing new places. I figured there was no better way to celebrate the start of the next chapter in our lives than to kick it off while dangling from the side of a rock climb 75 feet in the air above the beautiful new river gorge. I asked her to marry me at the top of a climb called “Shady Lady” and it will always be the most memorable climb of my life.


Logan: Mike and I had previously been to the New River Gorge on separate climbing trips, so we were excited to show each other the climbs that we liked. He seemed pretty upset that a climb above the Summerville lake was flooded. I didn’t realize at the time that he was planning to propose to me at the top of it, so I didn’t think it was a big deal. I tried to show him another climb above the lake but alas, that was flooded as well. We headed to a completely different spot farther away from the lake and I was set on waiting for a climb that someone was already doing, but Mike insisted that we try another climb around the corner called Shady Lady since it wasn’t busy.


He climbed up first and rather than coming down after he was finished and belaying me from the bottom, he said he was going to belay me from the top of the climb. It was out of the norm but I didn’t really think much of it. When I got near the top, I saw the GoPro set up, but again, didn’t think anything of it because sometimes he films us climbing or doing other outdoor activities. Little did I know he was about to propose! Not only did he surprise me, but he had to think on his feet and change his plans up since he couldn’t do it on the original climb that he had planned, so props to him!



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