Lindsay and Michael

How We Met: Mike and I met while working together at Modea, a digital consultancy firm, located in Blacksburg, VA.

Here are the details from his perspective:

“I think we must have first met in a meeting or something. We didn’t really work on the same projects, but I think she was tasked with taking notes to ‘capture the genius’ of a seasoned employee Mark Grieco (part of the wedding party) who was leaving the company at the time. We still didn’t talk much since we never really saw each other outside of the office.

There was a pretty big group from Modea who would often hang out together outside of the office, but some people–including Lindsay–tended to avoid this group. Other than one random night in a Blacksburg bar, when she ran into our work group and got everyone to take girl scout cookie shooters (her favorite), we didn’t have much interaction inside or outside the office.

…Until the night of the Roanoke ADDYs, an awards show for people in the advertising industry. This is typically an event where ‘Modeans’ cut loose (as if we didn’t already). We had a huge group that night, Lindsay included. By this time Lindsay and I had started talking a little bit. But that night everyone was drinking and having a good time.

Lindsay and I chatted and laughed and danced. As the end of the night approached, events conspired to where a coworker and I got a ride back to Blacksburg with another coworker Chelsea Gunter (the DD at the time – also part of the wedding party) and Lindsay. I’m not quite sure how it happened but we all had a sing-a-long (read: screaming uncontrollably at the top of our lungs) possibly to Taylor Swift, possibly to Miley Cyrus, possibly to Biggie Smalls, possibly to all of these and more.

It was a great time and a great night and the first time I got the chance to experience how much fun it is to spend time with Lindsay. Not long after that I asked her out on our first date to Poor Billys (my favorite local restaurant) and the rest–as they say–is history.”

how they asked: Mike took me on a casual stroll along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade & Brooklyn Bridge Park to watch the sun set before a ‘fancy’ dinner. Once we arrived at one of our favorite spots, right near the Brooklyn Bridge, we stopped to take in the views.

He asked a random woman to take a photo of us with his phone. After she took the photo, she told us she’d like to take a few more with her camera. I thought that was a little odd at the time, but posed for another photo anyway.

Then, Mike turned toward me and began telling me how grateful he was that I took a ‘leap of faith’ in moving to New York City with him 8 months prior.

He then said that he’d like me to take one more leap with him (along with many other wonderful things), got down on one knee, and proposed! I said yes without any hesitations :)

Next, I found out that this ‘random photographer’ was actually Ash Fox – who specializes in surprise engagement shoots. Mike contacted her to get the moment on film to keep as a memory and to share with our friends and family, and she did it beautifully.

We then strolled around the park taking engagement photos while I remained in complete shock (in a good way). The rest is history and we’ll be officially tying the knot in Roanoke, VA on October 10th 2015!