Michael and Lauren

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How We Met

We first met at University at a church student home group and were instantly drawn to each other’s similar sense of humour. We instantly clicked and developed a strong friendship. Our friendship continued to develop and I soon felt incredibly comfortable around her. I felt that I could be 100% genuine with her and shared everything and anything with her. Lauren is the kindest and most loving person I know, and I feel like I am truly myself when I am around her. We didn’t realise our attraction for quite some time, it took 2 years of living in a house share with 4 other friends before we went on our first date, to see The Lion King Musical in London. Since then it’s been an amazing rollercoaster, and now we’re getting married!

how they asked

THE TREASURE HUNT PROPOSAL It had worked out that Lauren was going back to visit her family in Wales but that I wouldn’t be able to travel at the same time as her. I would have to go a few days later. On the day that I drove down I made a stop off at a beach called 3 Cliffs Bay, which I had been reliably informed (by Google!) was the best beach in Swansea and potentially the UK.

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Upon arrival I scouted out a route through a mini forest, following a stream and crossing stepping stones over a river that led to the sandy beach. During my trek I placed QR codes at various landmarks, which linked to a website I had built that had clues on each page leading from landmark to landmark. Along the way I hid a couple of spades and a key to a padlock on a treasure chest that would contain the ring. After putting everything down, and obtaining permission from Lauren’s Father, I then made my way (5 hours late) to her Mum’s house covered in mud (from falling over,) armed only with a weak excuse about busy traffic and a muddy camping trip. Somehow she bought it. The next day we set off, and found the first clue starting the treasure hunt. As we went from clue to clue I was agonisingly analysing my every move, trying to act as though I had no idea where each clue was leading – but also redirecting us back on track whenever Lauren would almost send us in the complete wrong direction. After about an hour of clue finding, we wound up on the beach with our final clue…

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With the compass on my phone we set off – but ended up a few meters apart, clearly my paces were bigger than Lauren’s. We both started digging, and I snuck the treasure chest into the sand. After a while of digging Lauren hit the chest, and brought it out of the sand.

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She then unlocked it with the key we’d found previously and revealed the ring. I had manoeuvred to be on one knee, and then asked the question. Would she marry me? Yes!!

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