Michael and Kristyn's Hawaii Beach Proposal

Hawaii Beach Proposal (1)

How we met: I met my fiance where I work. She works in a different department of the hospital. I was going over there to talk to another co-worker about a study when I first met her. Well, we didn’t really meet. I saw her, nervously said hi and she said hi back. She had just started that week and I knew nothing about her. I would make up excuses to go over to her department just so I could find out more information. Unfortunately, she was very quiet. I would get short responses and I would get nervous with her answers thinking, “this girl isn’t even interested in you, leave her alone”. One day, she walked into our lobby to get a patient where I was standing by the receptionist. She raised her eye brow at me which seemed like a flirt. I told the receptionist, “I’m going to ask that girl out”. I waited to the end of the day. Fearing rejection, I made my way to her department and talked to the other techs I had known longer. I saw her grab her belongings to head out the door and realized this was my chance to get her secluded from my other co workers. I walked out the door closely behind her and said, “hey, do you have a boyfriend?” Nervously waiting for her response as she said, “no I don’t”. I responded with, “would you like to go out sometime?” More than happy with my question, she responded with a yes. So I gave her my number and we hit it off from there.

how they asked: Michelle, my photographer, and I had came up with a plan to have a live shoot of my proposal. Thinking of different ideas, we decided to make sure she was front and center for our very special moment. I told my fiancé Kristyn while we were vacationing in Hawaii that my cousin had told me about a restaurant close to Waimanalo beach that had great breakfast. I told her that the sunrise there was beautiful and we should go there for a picture of us to have put on a canvas (you know so she could dress herself to be ready for a picture). She was more than excited. Michelle had told me where to meet her and we would sneak texts in code back and forth to verify our meeting. The day of the shoot, I took a picture of ourselves so Michelle would know what we look like. I hid the ring in its box around my ankle so my fiancé had no suspicion to our master plan. When we arrived I took our camera. Snapping pictures at random I spotted Michelle and told my fiancé, “hey, let’s ask that lady if she will take a picture of us” she responded, “I hate asking people to do that” so we made our way over to Michelle which I had never met and I asked, “do you mind taking a picture” she responded, “sure” snapping a picture with my camera. Afterwords she said, “do you mind me taking a picture with my camera and I can send it to you”. My fiancé Kristyn responded, “oh my thank you so much, that’s so nice of you”. The pictures that Michelle has taken explain the rest of our story as you can see the emotion on our faces.

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Photography by Michelle Scotti