Michael and Kezia

How We Met

We met in 2009, we went to same university, same faculty. On the orientation day, we were put in the same group for 3 days. Since then we became friends, but not so close.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Above 30,000 feet on flight KLM (KL809)

Where to Propose in Above 30,000 feet on flight KLM (KL809)

We were in the same class but we rarely talk. On the 2nd semester, we became closer and we often hung out together. On April 2011 we were officially in relationship!

how they asked

I was flying with KLM (KL0809) when something unforgettable happened. I just got proposed by the love of my life up in the air in the most unpredictable way!!?? It was just a regular flight at first, until i heard someone mention my name from the speaker. He spoke through the speaker for about 1 min or so and finally pop up the question! “Would you like to marry me?” WOW.

We’ve been together for more than 7 years through good times and even bad times.. and i’m ready to walk with him till forever. We are now preparing for our wedding on March 2018!!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Esmaralda Jeths (KLM STEWARDESS)
 | At first, Michael asked permission to her to do the onboard proposal. Hearing that, Esmaralda was so excited and plan a surprise for us. She moved us to private business class (6 seats only) and plan Michael to propose me through the cabin speaker! She also gave us champagne, special dinner, and gifts!! She even record everything and email it to us❤️ She managed to gather the whole crew to gave us an applause right after i said I DO! She is sooooooooo kind!!!