Kelley and Michael


How We Met

Michael and I are a match made in ‘dating website heaven’. After talking for a few weeks, we met for the first time at a local restaurant/bar. We talked and laughed a lot, he was (come to find out) intrigued by my then purple and red streaked hair and I almost wiped out in heels in front of him. It was the perfect way to start our love story and sealed with a modest first kiss at the end of the night!


how they asked

Michaels 29th birthday led us to taking a one night trip to the Madison Beach Hotel in CT. It’s a beautiful little hotel overlooking the water. After we enjoyed an amazing dinner and night at the hotel, Michael suggested we take some photos together on the beach. I was a little hesitant due to cloudy weather, wind and rain but knew we’d regret not getting a photo for his birthday. Michael led me out to a jetty and when we reached a good point the skies opened up with amazing sun and beautiful blues.

During his birthday week I told Michael top 10 reasons why I loved him via snapchat… Michael said “This week you’ve told me the top ten reasons you love me and I actually wrote a list of my top ten too.” He began to read the sweetest thoughtful words and the final #1 reason was that he knew I’d be an amazing wife and mom one day.


Knelt down on one knee, pulled out a ring box (upside down from nerves) and asked me to marry him!







Special Thanks

Manny Santiago