Michael and Kaity

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How We Met

Michael and I definitely don’t have your “traditional” love story. I actually had a crush on him before I had ever even MET him. Weird right?? Ever heard of that super inspirational television show The Biggest Loser? Well, luckily enough Michael and his dad had the opportunity to join the show, and inspired millions on national TV–I happened to be one of those people (including my mom, ha!). We watched the show in awe of these hard-working, generous, kind-hearted men who were from my mom’s hometown in Michigan. I still remember her teasing me for being totally googly-eyed over a kid on a reality TV show, never thinking anything of it.

BUT THEN–I started school at Michigan State University and saw a familiar face in the cafeteria….why did this guy look so familiar? Why did I know his face? And then as he walked out the door, the light bulb went off in my head and it hit me–Mike from The Biggest Loser! Suddenly I was determined to meet him, and made it my mission to introduce myself. Luckily I’ve never really suffered from this thing called shame, and stumbled upon him one morning on my 8am commute to class. Keep in mind, not many college students look so great this early in the morning (just saying). I was on my bike, and finally psyched myself into chasing him down (yup, I said chase).

Unfortunately I crashed into a bush on the way, (I still have the scar to prove it), and for some reason he humored me while I introduced myself and apparently asked for a hug?? I have no recollection, I think I blacked out. After this awkward encounter, (by some miracle) we still became friends. We maintained this friendship all throughout college, while always having a little crush on one another. However, we were consistently in other relationships, so we could never act upon these feelings. Long story short, after 5 years of maintaining our feelings and friendship–the stars aligned—and our friendship finally became so much more! We have now been dating over 3 years, creating incredible stories and adventures together. And although it’s embarrassing–I still love telling the original tale of how we “met”, because I believe it set the tone for our love story, “Truly be yourself, and never give up on one another.”

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how they asked

Michael and I decided to go to our favorite brewery (Brewery Becker) as a way to celebrate my birthday. It was an unusually gorgeous day for April in Michigan, so we decided to sit outside in the beer garden. The sun was beginning to set, and I felt overjoyed to spend the evening with an incredible man, and my GIANT flight of beer. I honestly didn’t see anything coming… Next thing I knew, Michael was on his knee holding out my grandmother’s ring, asking me to marry him.

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I honestly felt myself float out of my body with disbelief, amazement, and joy! Apparently he had to ask me several times because I just sat there feeling completely overwhelmed! Finally when I came back to Earth, I was able to say YES!

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It truly felt like a dream, and I had no idea my very good friend Abbey Moore was there taking pictures the entire time! It was such a fantastic surprise. The surprises continued when both our parents came out of the brewery to celebrate with us! (My sneaky parents told me they were going out of town). After lots of hugging, laughing, and crying, Michael suddenly dropped another bomb on me. “Take a look,” he said, “there are about 30 more people waiting upstairs to celebrate with us!”

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Through the windows of the brewery, I suddenly saw an array of waving hands and smiling faces. My heart exploded with joy!!! What an incredible night of love, celebration, friendship, family, and bliss that I will never forget. Everything was absolutely magical, and I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams!

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