Michael and Jon

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How We Met

We met online through a dating ap right before the pandemic. Since everyone had to stay distanced, we didn’t get to meet in person for 6 months. The conversation was great leading up to that point and even better in person.

How They Asked

I arranged for a dinner to celebrate his graduation from med school with him and his friends but I “backed out” last minute. Little did he know, I invited a bunch of my friends and a few more of his that he didn’t exect to be there. Before I appeared, I set the video up to plan through a QR code that was presented as a restaurant menu and when he scanned with his phone, the video played. He only saw the second half of the version I sent because the first half was the description to the anyone else watching. (It’ll make more sense if you see it)m

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Paul Centofanti
 | Illustrator
Matt & Kim
 | Musician (Song Credit)