Michael and Jessie

Image 3 of Michael and JessieHow we met: To this day I insist that I took her to see the movie The Ring before we even started high school, of course she doesn’t remember. So we first met freshman year of high school. We hung around with some of the same friends and remained friendly all through high school. After high school while away at college we didn’t stay in touch much, but that changed a couple years ago after seeing each other in some unforeseen social circumstances. One night, I insisted she wait for me to show up to meet her and a friend at a restaurant/bar. From that evening on we never have looked back.

how they asked: When I was trying to decide where I wanted to ask Jessie to marry me, I wanted the location to be special for her. I wanted the location to be something sentimental and something she would never forget. Jessie spent time in Sandusky in her childhood and grew a love for the water and sail boats. Since we grew up in the Cleveland area and because of her love for the water, Edgewater Park was the perfect location. It has beautiful views of the city and great views of the lake. Another very important part of the proposal was that it be secretly photographed. So I contacted Nathan at Imagen, we met multiple times to figure out locations, and he planned to be hiding out when we got there.

Image 4 of Michael and Jessie Image 1 of Michael and Jessie Image 2 of Michael and JessieWe walked along the rocks for a few minutes, and she choose a rock. We sat there for a short while and talked. After that we both stood up, I said a few words, and dropped down to one knee. The moment was magical and truly unforgettable. I am very glad Nathan was able to capture the moment.

Image 5 of Michael and Jessie

Photos by Imagen Photography