Jaclyn and Michael

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How We Met

Mike and I are both from the same town, however we’d never crossed paths until we met at college. We both attended Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey and met during my sophomore, and his senior year. My sorority sisters told me that he was interested in me but other than the fact that he was the DJ at the local bar on weekends, I didn’t know much about him.

We began speaking and interacting casually on Facebook and hung out at a few parties on campus, but it wasn’t until St Patricks day, 2011, when we finally shared our first kiss! I played a little hard to get over the next few weeks before I decided to really give Mike a chance. After dating for a few months, I realized that everyone was right when they said that Mike was one of the good guys! We officially started dating on June 20th, 2011, after I asked him, “when are you going to ask me to be your girlfriend!?”

how they asked

It was April 8th, 2016 and I was getting ready to meet my college friends and roommates for an Alumni Art show at Monmouth University. One of my roommates was an art major and every few months we would pick a date to meet and catch up. Needless to say, I didn’t find this particular event to be out of the ordinary, given her past studies during our college years.

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Upon arriving to the art gallery, I saw signs reading, “Alumni Art Show,” and therefore thought I was indeed about to enter an official school sponsored event; boy was I wrong! Once I opened the door to the gallery, I noticed something wasn’t right. Photos of Mike and I throughout the length of our entire relationship were displayed everywhere.

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Rose petals and candles lined the path on which I was directed to follow! Two photographers and videographers stood in front of me and snapped away; needless to say, I was in shock! I slowly walked through the gallery, admiring the amazing memories that Mike and I shared, all elegantly displayed on canvas photographs of different sizes and orientations. I was living in the moment that every girl dreams of.

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At the end of the gallery stood Mike looking so handsome, and immediately I felt at ease. He took my hands, started his speech, bent down on one knee and asked me the greatest question of my life; “will you marry me?” My response was “of course I will!” and he opened the box, which also contained a GoPro recording my reaction as I admired the beautiful round diamond custom engagement ring, designed by Mike himself!

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After we shared a kiss to seal the deal, I began hearing cheers and applause in the background. I turned around, and to my surprise were our parents, family members, and friends all standing behind us, watching the entire time! I was so stunned and happy that Mike thought of every little detail to have those most important to us there to share in our special moment.

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