Elizabeth and Michael

How We Met

Mike and I met in 2010 while attending college at WVU. It was St. Patricks Day and the celebrations were in full swing. It was a game of beer pong where we first met. It doesn’t help us trying to down play the whole party school representation, but it’s certainly a great start to the story. From opponents, to the best of friends and finally dating, it’s all been amazing. We graduated together, been there while one another started their first jobs and enjoyed so many other firsts. Though we have faced the odds of a long distance relationship, we have overcome them no problem, well with the help of a few large phone bills that is. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, all I know if that our hearts are “fonder-ed” out!


how they asked

Fast forward to 2015 and we find ourselves celebrating my Grandma’s 80th Birthday. I planned this amazing trip into the city to ring in her birthday with our entire family. Little did I know there were other plans in the work. It was a chilly day in October, but the boat ride and the views were absolutely breathtaking. We decided to take advantage of all the incredible views of the city and take lots of pictures with everyone in the family. As we headed back into port Mike called me over and asked to get one more picture taken of him and I. I had no idea that he has something so much bigger in mind.

Image 1 of Elizabeth and Michael

The photo was taken and I went to walk back to everyone else, until I was suddenly stopped Mike grabbing my hand. I turned as he started to get down on one knee. I would love to say that I retained every last word he said, but it was as if there was white noise while the emotions rushed through me. As I started to focus Mike went on to tell me that there was no one else he’d rather spend his life with and how much I mean to him along with other amazing sentiments. I felt myself shaking and starting to tear, as he asked me to marry him. I reached down while repeatedly saying “Yes!” It is a moment that I will never forget, in a place with some of the most important people to me, and most importantly with the man that exceeded any dreams I ever had. They say that kind of moment is a fairy tail ending type of moment, but all I know is our story is just beginning and I am elated for all that is to come!

Image 2 of Elizabeth and Michael

Special Thanks

Brian McGee (Father of the Bride)
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