Breanna and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I have been together for almost 10 years now. We met in high school. I was actually supposed to go to a different high school, but I had my mom use a different address so I can go to school with my best friend, Nikki. I was a freshman and Nikki was a sophomore. We both played softball together. She always hung out with the baseball team. One day she was like I have to introduce you to Michael Browne. I always heard that name, people would say THEE Michael Browne. I met him at lunch one day and yes he was really good looking, but he knew it too. He was pretty cocky in high school. All the cheerleaders wanted to date him and it was a turn off. So throughout the fall semester the softball team would hang out with the baseball team. We would go to basketball games and fundraisers together. Nikki started dating Michael’s best friend, charlie. So we go hang out all the time in groups and Michael was always there and i started to notice that he was actually pretty nice and really funny. Formal came around and Nikki was going with Charlie. Nikki told me that Michael was thinking about asking me because we wanted to hang out with the same crowd for formal. I was actually pretty excited about him asking me. So he did. Before formal we started to hang out a lot just us four (Nikki, Charlie, Me, and Michael). I really got to know him and we always had a fun time together. Formal came and it was one of the best nights! We had so much fun and when we were done we went back to one of our friends house. We changed into boy sweats and shirts and just sat and watched a movie. I can remember just thinking, I really like this boy. Two weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend. I remember thinking this was only going to last like two weeks because this is THEE Michael Browne, and girls constantly would try to get his attentions. However here we are, I got engaged to THEE Michael Browne on November 6th, 2015. The most genuine, hilarious, and sweetest guy that ever came into my life. He is my best friend and I brought him down to earth, don’t worry.

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how they asked

About a few weeks back my grandparents invited me to this restaurant in Santa Monica,CA on November 6th, 2015. My grandfather does construction and has been working a few projects. He told me that one of his clients owned this restaurant and wanted to treat him to dinner. He asked if my sister and I would like to join. So of course i wanted to go. So November 6th comes around and my grandparents said we had to leave by 3:30pm to get to Santa Monica by 4:30 and we couldn’t be late! His reason was that the owner leaves at the time and we had to see him before. So we get to this beautiful restaurant on the beach by 4:35. Mind you Michael works every Friday night and I hadn’t talked to him since 3:00pm. We go to the host stand and we had a reservations for 4. The host seats us at the nicest table right by the shutters looking at the sunset. My grandmother and sister kept on saying “Wow, look at that sunset” with the biggest smile on their face. I eventually just start staring outside and I see the outline of who I believe to be Michael right in front of the sun while its setting. I turned to my sister and I ask if that’s Michael. She says lets go outside. At this moment it is finally hitting me of what is exactly going on. I walk outside and on the sand is rose petals leading to Michael. I start crying walking towards him and he takes my hand while the sun is setting right in front of me. Completely shocked and surprised he gets down on one knee and asked to marry me. Of course I said YES!! I heard yelling behind me. He surprised me with my family and his family there screaming from the balcony of the restaurant. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

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