Michael and Austin

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How We Met

Mike and I met in middle school (grade seven to be exact). I will never forget having an assigned seating plan in grade seven and waiting to see Mike’s reaction to his new table partner. He walked in threw his head back and sighed as loud as a human could with disappointment. I was devastated a literally fell into my chair. A few years later, we became close friends and we both played competitive volleyball. On June 26th 2009, Mike officially asked me to be his girlfriend in a Snoopy card. The card read, Ps. Will U be my girlfriend? (how could I say no to that, haha!).

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We have been together for over eight years now and our love story has been nothing short of amazing. In 2010, we buried a time capsule containing Birthday/Valentine’s/Christmas cards, a CD mix of love songs that reminded me of him, and other memorabilia that has played a special role in our time together. Five years later, we opened the time capsule, listened to our recorded tape that we made together, and marveled over our early years of dating. Mike and I officially claim the title of, “High school sweethearts” and were voted by our graduating class, “Most likely to get married!”. Mike has graduated with a Business Commerce degree from University of Manitoba, Asper School of Business. I will graduated in June of 2018 with my Education degree.

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how they asked

We spent the weekend at my cottage in Shoal Lake Ontario, Canada. We have ventured to our cottage for over eight years and have familiarized ourselves with all kinds of adventure trails. Mike took me for a Polaris RZR ride to our favorite abandoned truck that we found in a trail off the main road. We have visited the rusty, red truck many times and it was a place where we engraved our names in 2015. We approached the truck, I stepped out of the RZR and couldn’t believe what my love had planned. Mike had printed Polaroid photos of our special memories and hung them across the trees and truck.

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Candles were lit all over the truck and our song “Still Fallin’ by Hunter Hayes” played softly in the background. Mike got full blessings from my parents, his parents, and my Omi and Opa (grandparents). He embraced me with an eloquent, beautiful speech and asked me to be his wifey. We popped the chilled champagne, I wiped my many cheerful tears and felt overwhelmed with love and joy.

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We sat at the truck for about an hour. Mike arranged my younger sister to come to the truck and photograph us with the truck. I am a wedding photographer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and with guided help, my little sister photographed all of the special details. We came back to my cottage to celebrate and BOTH of our families welcomed us with hugs, kisses, and champagne.

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I felt like the luckiest girl in the entire world. Mike thought of every detail through and through even making me a license plate made stating, “WILUMRY”. I am SO happy to announce our engagement and I am officially going to be Michael Sukkau’s wife.

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