Michael and Ashley

Michael and Ashley's Engagement in Southern Oaks Plantation

How We Met

I used to work at an Audi dealership, Ashley wrote an email to the dealership and luckily enough I was the one to receive that email regarding some vehicles she was interested in, it could have gone to anyone. When I met her for the first time there was something about her that just made me want to find out so badly what it was! We texted all day and all night long till 3 or 4 am about cars and Audi’s sometimes, then it got more personal eventually. I couldn’t get her out of my head, nor did I ever want to, I’ve never met anyone like her! I meet hundreds and thousands of people every year with my job and I have never met anyone in my life that has made me feel the way she makes me feel.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Southern Oaks Plantation

I ended up selling her the Audi (even though the one she wanted to see I sold before she came in, she could have left as most people do, but she was determined to come in and buy an Audi that day!) and I was pretty sad because I thought we wouldn’t see each other again after I delivered it, Ashley said we can hang out anytime! 2 days later, we met up at a coffee shop across the street from my work and we shared our first kiss in my car, the feeling that moment gave me she still gives me today every time we kiss! I knew after only 3 weeks of being together that I was going to marry her, and I even told her that. Now look… she’s the love of my life.. we’re engaged! When you know… you know!

Michael's Proposal in Southern Oaks Plantation

how they asked

Ashley planned a weekend down in NOLA for us as it is her favorite place in the whole world. And it was around the time I wanted to propose, so I figured it would be perfect!

I was looking for ideas on how to propose, I then came across Stacey’s page (Project Proposal NOLA). Two months we planned for the perfect proposal! Southern Oaks was the best choice as it was private and wanted it to be so special for the two of us.

Ashley isn’t the type of girl to get all dressed up easily, so this was going to be difficult! I had to lie to her and say I booked a tour, and we were going to get picked up after our dinner date at Restaurant R’evolution (which was amazing!). I chose that place because it was a very high end and we had to dress up, which was perfect! She fell for it. When we got picked up and dropped off at the plantation, we walked in holding hands down the pathway, to the left of the center fountain was the oaks tree with the setup.

Every piece that was there represented something important in our relationship. When I got to the fountain, Ashley’s favorite song (that she has about me), started to play as I walked her over to the setup. I’ve never seen her smile like that before ever, then I popped the question after my small speech, she said yes!! Then, Stacey, had Fireworks go off, I arranged for Ashley’s favorite champagne to be there, we had a photographer taking some candid shots of the whole night, it was absolutely perfect. I wish I could replay that night over and over again, it was the best night of my life!! We are now getting married at the Southern Oaks Plantation too!

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