Michael and Ashley

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How we met

Four years ago, Michael and I both moved to Galveston, Texas. Michael had moved to start internal medicine residency at UTMB and I had accepted a job as an ICU nurse. We had never met each other, nor anyone else in Galveston for that matter. Little did we know what fate would shortly have in store.

We met for the first time during our first month of working. I had been taking care of one of his patients. I remember thinking to myself when I first met him how big and hypnotizing his green eyes were and how he reminded me of one of those Greek statues. However, other than professional, we didn’t talk much, just a “hello” here and there, maybe a smile in passing. On the last day of his ICU rotation, he finally came up and had a true conversation with me. I don’t know how, but we talked about blood types and transfusion compatibility for a good hour. I could tell he was nervous about something, and after an hour he finally asked me for my number. After a week of texting, we had our first date to Outriggers which was a casual waterfront restaurant in Kemah, Texas. Halfway through the date, we both fell in love. I know it sounds crazy but I guess its true what they say… when you know you just know.

After some time, I asked him why he waited for the last day of his ICU rotation to ask me for my number and his response still tickles me: “Because you made me nervous and I couldn’t handle facing you every day if you had told me no.”

how they asked

After 3 years of dating and the day after Michael graduated from internal medicine residency at UTMB, he surprised me with a weekend vacation to Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, La. I knew something was up though because he wouldn’t tell me where we were going, where we were eating, staying, or what we would be doing. He just kept saying it’s a surprise. When we got to the plantation, I thought how cool, everything there was absolutely beautiful. The sun was out, mint juleps were being passed around, and the scenery was fantastic. I had no idea at the time that Oak Alley was a very popular setting for movies and music videos. Beyoncé videoed Deja vu Music video there, the Midnight Bayou movie was filmed there along with an interview of a vampire, and Days of our lives. It’s all on their website. After learning so much about the setting I was very intrigued by it all. After checking into our room and eating dinner at Commanders Palace, I thought we were going to head back to the room but instead, he took me by the hand and said: “I want to show you something”. So he took me walking around the plantation and in front of Oak Alley he dropped to one knee under the starlight he pulled out this beautiful ring…and honestly everything in the middle is a blur, I just remember him on a knee, a ring being pulled out, some crying and a lot of kisses…so of course I said yes! :)

When people tell you you’ll find the one when you’re not looking, they’re absolutely right… at least that’s our fairy tale love story.

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