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How We Met

It was two years ago, almost to the day. I caught myself holding back tears on the drive back to Tuscaloosa because I was starting to realize just how much I was falling in love with him. It took two weeks. Two weeks of riding around looking at Christmas lights, drinking way to much hot cocoa, and getting lost in long car ride talks to and from college to catch a glimpse of the love God intended two people to share. He was breathtaking and handsome. That I noticed the first time my eyes caught his in the lobby of Church of the Highlands. He came up to me and asked my name. Following this, days turned into weeks and he called me shortly after, opened my car door for me, and sat across the table from me on our first date. We were so in awe of each other, grinning the entire time, completely unaware of anyone else in the restaurant. So nervous, yet so undeniably easy. We soon began to realize that no written words could adequately express the effortless, beautiful love God had given us.

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how they asked

As I drive the 45 minute commute to Birmingham from Tuscaloosa, I anxiously rehearse what I plan to say in the moments before I drop to one knee in front of the love of my life. Today is a very big day. The day that I have waited and prayed for. As I drive, I try my hardest not to tear up as I reminisce of all the memories Anna Catherine and I share. When I arrive in Birmingham, I frantically rehearse my lines a few more times before getting out of the truck. I walk up to the tennis match where Anna Catherine is currently coaching her middle school tennis team. I anxiously approach her as I try to act casual, all the while, she has no idea of what is to come. After the match is over, we race to her house for her to get dressed up.

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A few days before, I had asked one of her sorority sisters to plan an evening out on the town. This gave us a reason to dress fancy without it being obvious. I have her convinced that we were headed to a picnic with a view. As we arrive, I get out of the truck, grab the picnic basket, and open her door. My heart is racing and I am hoping she isn’t getting suspicious. As we start our walk up the stairs, I ask her to stay at the bottom of the staircase while I walk up the elevation to the plateau above.

Once I am out of sight, I take out the ring and throw the picnic basket into the bushes. I had a great deal of help from my family with setting everything up and I could not have been more impressed with how romantic it all looked. I yell for AC to come up as I take my spot in the gazebo and wait for her. As I hear her walking up the stairs, my heart pounds and my knees grow weak. The moment my eyes met hers she knew the true reason as to why I brought her to this place. She froze and threw her hands to her face.

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I asked her to come to me and she walked towards me, in complete awe of her surroundings. With tears in my eyes, I grabbed her and wrapped her up. We sat there for a minute just holding each other. I started to tell her how much she meant to me and how I want to love, respect, protect, and provide for her. I remember looking at her and just wanting to bawl my eyes out at the thought of getting to love her for the rest of my days.

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As I dropped to one knee my stomach dropped with me. I looked up to see the most caring, beautiful girl in the world looking back at me.

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With tears in her eyes, she anxiously waits on me to finish so she could give her answer. Through the tears that began to fall, she smiled the biggest smile, threw her arms around me, and said yes to forever.

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