Amanda and Michael

Amanda's Proposal in The 11th Radio 104.5 Birthday Show, Day 2 @ The BB&T Center, Camden, NJ

How We Met

I had just moved back to Pennsylvania after about 4.5 years of living in South Florida. I was staying with my parents, working a couple of part-time jobs and trying to get back on my feet. My jobs were retail so my schedule was all over the place and I was 22 at the time, at my prime for late nights and bar hopping. I resorted to an online dating site called Plenty Of Fish to try to meet local people to go out with, grab drinks, just hang out. I wasn’t interested in any kind of relationship at the time, just wanted to meet new people and see what was out there. Within a few months, I got a message from “mikeranalli85” introducing himself and telling me he thought my half sleeve tattoo was cool. My first impression was to laugh as his profile picture was of him in a mirror, shirtless and flexing.

Proposal Ideas The 11th Radio 104.5 Birthday Show, Day 2 @ The BB&T Center, Camden, NJ

So I responded with something along the lines of “you look like a tool but thanks” And for whatever reason, we kept talking. We went back and forth for a good few hours that night basically just getting to know each other. And the next morning I got a good morning message and a whole day of topical conversation. After a few days, he asked for my phone number so we could start texting. Every morning I would get a good morning text and we basically chatted the whole day, until I fell asleep mid-conversation later in the night (..every night, haha). After about a week we decided to finally meet in person to hang out. We met at the Chinese Buffet in Woodlyn for a casual dinner, then ran to Walmart so he could get shampoo, he stopped to show me his Camaro at his uncle’s house, and then ended the night with a couple of drinks. He dropped me off at home and not even an hour went by before he texted me he had fun and wanted to see me again as soon as possible. At that point, we started going out a few times a week and as time went on and I got to know him more and on a deeper level, my feelings started to change and I actually was starting to fall for this “tool”! haha! In December 2014 he told me he loved me for the first time and here we are

How They Asked

We got engaged on June 30th, 2018. So fast forward to the beginning of the year…we’ve been together 3.5 years, we’ve already been through more than most at this point in our relationship. We also own a house together and have a beautiful [at the time] one-year-old daughter. I would occasionally hint at getting married, sometimes subtly, sometimes obnoxiously. Sometimes we would talk about our potential future wedding and things like what songs we would want to be played, who we would want there, our wedding party, etc. As time went on, these conversations became more frequent, more detailed, and even more often times not initiated by me! So I had a feeling my time was getting close! I had tickets to a concert to see one of my favorite bands [Imagine Dragons] with a couple of friends and my brother. As the day got closer, both friends ended up not being able to make it and that’s when Michael started talking about buying a ticket so I didn’t have to go alone. I was a little suspicious but he shot down every thought I had basically haha so I gave up on the idea of getting engaged at the concert.

We get to the concert, meet up with my brother, grab some drinks and find somewhere to sit on the lawn. We hung out for about 20-30 minutes before the first band [Judah and the Lion] came on. As the band started playing I stood up with my drink in my hand and started cheering. Michael came over and took my drink and placed it on the ground. I was annoyed until he proceeded to take my hands, kiss them, pull a box out of his pocket and get down on one knee! I was so surprised! I believe my exact words were, Are you joking right now? Are you really asking me? And his response was yes! Of course I said Yes! and everyone around us started cheering and congratulating us. Also found out shortly after that my brother had been video taping the whole thing! Overall it was an awesome night followed by an impromptu family weekend trip down the shore.