Michael and Alyssa

Image 1 of Michael and Alyssa4.03.15 was the best day of my life so far. The love of my life proposed. The day started as normal as any other Friday. MJ and I had made plans to order some Pad Thai and relax on the couch that night playing Beer Kart with our friend Dana. Later on in the day MJ told me the dinner plans had changed. He told me he was just in the mood for Ceviche. This might seem normal to some but to me I was suspicious. Ceviche was our place. 2 years ago my cousin Rachel had set us up there and MJ and I have been together ever since. It is also the spot of our first kiss. So needless to say, we save Ceviche for special occasions. I decided that night that I would do my hair just in case. We headed to dinner and ordered a ton of food and sangria for the table. Looking back on it, I notice now how nervously chatty he was. Everything was normal so I let the thought that this was the night out of my head. We finished up and agreed to head back over to my house in order to drink some beer and chill. That did not happen. MJ and I went out to the valet and I jingled my keys at him (which he laughed at). This is from a scene from Hitch that I used when we first met two years ago to let him know that he could kiss me.

That night two years ago he kissed me outside of my car. Flash forward to Friday night and MJ moved the car up to that very spot and put it in park. I was extremely confused. He got out and said. “this is it right? this is where we first kissed?” I said “yup!” and giggled. He replied, “I just wanted to kiss you where we first kissed.” I thought this was the sweetest thing ever but still had no idea; so I hopped out of the car and kissed him. I immediately went to sit back down in the car fearing we were holding up people behind us. He kept my car door open and proceeded to tell me how much he loved me. Then pulled from his pocket a ring, got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him.

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We both forgot a lot of what he said from being so caught up in the moment. I just remember saying yes along with a few “oh my god! yes! Is this real?!” After putting the ring on my finger I leapt out of the car and hugged him. We were both crying and I kept squeezing him tighter making sure this wasn’t a dream. Thankfully it was not. Thankfully I am blessed to get to marry the love of my life in the Fall of 2016.

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