Alyssa and Michael

How We Met: I first met Mike in my 6th grade math classroom. Our teacher, a beautiful woman, had two extremely handsome sons that she would always talk about. Mike was my age, and at 12 years old, he was extremely dreamy, even if it was just a photograph on a desk. I remember thinking to myself, how many butterflies I would get if I ever had the chance to meet him. Flash forward two years later and Mike showed up to our local youth group with his girlfriend.

I was dating someone at the time, but I will admit, my heart stopped, and I knew exactly who he was. Within a few months time, we both were no longer indulged in juvenile relationships, we were older now: Freshman in high school. Mike ended up being in several of my classes, and I really crushed on him hard.

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He was so handsome, he always held the door, he’d catch up with me in the hallways, and I was quickly falling in love. Little did I know, we’d wind up falling head over heels, embracing life together for exactly what it is: beautiful, hard, crazy, intense, and wonderful.

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On April 4th, 2007 he asked me to be his girlfriend. From that day forward we never broke up, and on July 13th, 2015, he asked me to be his wife.


how they asked: I drove down to his residence down the Jersey Shore because it was his birthday. I dressed up and prepared to take him out to dinner. We spoke on the phone briefly and I found him to be quite crabby, but when I finally saw him he looked rather pale. ” Thanks for fruit basket, no one in the office knew it was my birthday! It was really nice of you to send it!” He asked me to come up stairs because he needed to get changed.

When we went up, I sat on the corner of the couch, he darted to his bedroom and slammed the door shut. I immediately thought this was odd, because I heard the door lock, but I didn’t think much of it. About ten minutes later he came out of the room and jumped straight on top of me with a hug and kiss. ” Alyssa, I love you.” Now by this point I’m beyond confused, and he takes a step back.

” My heart is literally going to explode, I’m going to have a heart attack, I haven’t eaten all day, but just listen: It’s my birthday, and I had a plan, but I am FREAKING out, okay okay, so it’s my birthday, and I bought you a present, but the present is actually really for me. Will you marry me!?” and I sat there dumbfounded, looking at the love of my life, my high school sweetheart, my partner in crime, my person, kneeling down on his own birthday. I have never felt more on top of the world than that moment, and I’m not quite sure I’ve stepped down since.