Michael and Allison

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lake Michigan, near Grand Haven, Michigan

How We Met

Michael and I met in high school when he was placed in the same gym class as me. Shortly after that, we got sorted into teams to play ultimate frisbee and Michael was put on my team. During a timeout huddle, I called him out because we wanted to win and felt he was holding back on us! After that, we couldn’t stop talking to each other and for the last almost seven years, we’ve been sticking together on the same team! Michael is the best teammate and the love of my life!

how they asked

Michael and I have been together just shy of seven years, starting since we were 14 and 15 years-old. We went through high school and college together but he had just recently graduated and accepted a job offer in Texas.

On the day of the proposal, Michael had just come up to visit me in Michigan and told me he planned for us to go see his twin brother and a couple of friends in Grand Rapids. We spent the afternoon at local breweries until us all going to a secluded spot near Grand Haven on Lake Michigan. When we arrived, our photographer friend and his girlfriend showed up with his equipment to “take pictures for her resumé profile”. Before I walked too far down the beach, Michael grabbed my hand and swung me around and I found him on his knee. Next thing I know, I’m engaged to the most wonderful man I know.

From there, Michael surprised me when we got home to a dinner reservation with some of our closest friends to celebrate! It was a day filled with loved ones and joy surrounding us that we won’t ever forget!

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