Micah and Tristan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City

How We Met

On Valentine’s Day, 2005, a very cute, loud and funny third-grade boy sent his friend over with a note for me, an extremely shy and timid second-grade girl. When I took the note, the person stood and waited for me to read it, as if to watch my reaction. I opened the note and it read “Micah will you be my Valentine? Circle yes or no.” The messenger then handed me a pencil and told me I only had a few seconds to make up my mind. I circled “yes,” and then decided for the first time in my life, I had a crush on a third grade boy, Tristan McBee. The following day at recess, the messenger who had delivered the note the day before had more news to share with me. This news was a little less exciting..Tristan had decided it was uncool to have a Valentine a year younger than him. Devastated, I steered clear of Tristan McBee, but he would forever be my first crush. I transferred to OCS in sixth grade and completed high school there. Tristan graduated from Edmond Memorial. Inevitably, we lost touch, but I always knew who Tristan was, and I admired him from afar.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City

I graduated from high school and chose to attend Oklahoma State University. I went through rush and pledged Theta. The Greek community at OSU is small, so everyone knows everyone. My first week of school, I ran into Tristan. We made the Oakdale connection and talked for a bit. I remember thinking Tristan was the most intentional, kind and warm boy I had talked to since I arrived. I left thinking I wanted to get to know him more. Our paths crossed quite a bit in the first few months of college. We talked as friends on Beta’s porch a time or two. There was something different about Tristan, and all of my friends noticed our compatibility. Theta formal was approaching, and I was going to ask either ask Tristan to be my date or someone I knew from the pomping room who was friends with the guys my friends were taking. I decided I would rather take T. We had a mutual friend, so I asked that friend to see if Tristan was free that weekend. There was a miscommunication, and Tristan did not end up going as my date, because he was never asked.

Micah and Tristan's Engagement in Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City

We both dated other people, but our paths crossed every once in a while. When I would run into him, our interactions were so different. They were refreshing and encouraging. He asked me questions and genuinely cared about how I was doing. I had a lot of respect for Tristan. I worked at Kanakuk Kamps every summer. My sophomore year of college was a year of enormous growth for me. The summer after sophomore year, I was at camp and wrote a standards list of characteristics I desired in a future husband that aligned with scripture. I decided I was not going to date junior year. I get to school in August and I run into Tristan McBee. We are both single for the first time since my freshman year. We catch up for a while and he asks for my number. Later that night, Tristan tells me “I would like to take you on a date.” I told him that would be something I would enjoy as well. On our first date, Tristan took me on top of a siloh that overlooked all of Stillwater. We got there at 6, watched the sun go down and talked for hours. Next thing we knew, it was 4 am and we had both lost track of time. I remember thinking that Tristan checked every standard I had written on the list I had written that summer. He was intentional, loving, and wise. He had a depth that I had not yet seen in a man his age. I remember thinking this date was different. I called my mom the next day and told her I was going to marry someone like Tristan McBee.

How They Asked

2 years later, he got on one knee at the waterfront of Hefner Lake. He washed my feet and read a letter aloud that ended in him asking me to be his wife. I circled yes for the second time in our relationship and for the last time in my life!

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