Micah and Ryan

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How We Met

It’s the craziest story. It sounds so weird how it happened, but maybe it just goes to show everything happens for a reason. We went to high school together but never knew each other. We had mutual friends but that was all. I was at an event in July with some friends when his number showed up on my phone as a missed call. Thinking back now, one of my friends probably tried to call him to hangout since we all were living in a new city and always trying to connect with people from home. I saw the number on my phone and didn’t recognize it, so I decided to call back. It ended up being Ryan. I didn’t really remember who he was but we were trying to figure it out so we talked for a bit and find out why his number just called me, even thought he said he didn’t. It was his birthday so we talked for a bit more, I wished him a happy birthday and left it at that. Later we were texting and asked each other if we were going to The Dalles Rodeo back home. I said I was going with my dad and maybe I would se him there. Me and my dad went to the rodeo and had a great time, at the end they always have live music so me and my dad danced for awhile longer. It was getting late so we were about to leave and grab some dinner and call it a night. As we were coming off the dance area I made eye contact with Ryan and he came over to say hi to me and my dad. I used to be really shy so I basically said hi and him and my dad took over the conversation. We said goodbye, nice to meet you and left it at that. As we were getting home Ryan texted me asking if I wanted to hangout… It was late, and all I could think was, What were we going to do? Where were we going to go? I never would have met him that night because of my shyness. For what ever reason I asked my dad what he thought of him and if he thought I should meet him. He said yea! Its a beautiful summer night, go have fun! For my dad to say this was pretty crazy to me, then all I could think of was when we “met” had the BEST manners. He was so respectful and there was something about him that just made me trust him. I told my dad I would have him on speed dial and to track my phone if he was going to try to kill me. LOL. I went out with him. He ended up taking me to a really beautiful spot in the mountains behind my house. We laid out a blanket and watched for shooting stars and talked ALL NIGHT LONG. We connected really quickly and realized we had a lot in common. The night flew by so fast and ever since then we were inseparable. <3

how they asked

Little did I know September 11th 2015 was going to be SUCH a special day for me. Towards the beginning of the week my boyfriend Ryan asked what my work schedule was going to be on Friday. He told me he wanted to make a drive up to Lost Lake Resort & Campground outside of Hood River, OR. It was going to be nice weather, and since school started it was going to be quiet and very peaceful. Friday came around and I got off work early, we met back at the house and got ready to head up to the lake. We were discussing if we should take our paddle boards up to the lake or have a picnic or just walk around the lake. We decided to just relax and take a peaceful walk around the lake. As we were heading up to the lake we were talking about life, laughing, and goofing off as usual. We got up there, got out of the car and took a huge breath of fresh, crisp air. It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was shining and it seemed even more special because there weren’t very many people there, we could really enjoy each others company. We started walking along the trail that goes around the entire lake, we headed to the viewpoint first. We held hands and stopped to take pictures whenever I saw something exciting. We got to the viewpoint (which isn’t my favorite spot) and there was a family enjoying their dinner at a near by picnic table. Some dogs walked by and started barking at other dogs so we decided it was too crowded there and to keep on walking. We were walking and taking pictures and came across another spot that lead all the way down to the lake, there was a cute little bench and a nice flat area and most importantly a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood! The view was so beautiful it took my breath away. We were talking about how special Lost Lake was to us, and reminiscing on all of our first dates up there. Taking rowboats out in the middle of the night to watch the stars, we got to know each other and fall in love with each other up there. I told him how thankful I was he showed me the beauty of lost lake and how truly amazing it is up there. As I turned around to make eye contact with him he got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! He slid the ring on my finger and he told me a bunch of mushy gushy love stuff which was adorable and we finished walking around the lake and talked about life and our love for each other. It was by far one of the best days of my life (so far). After that we went to his parents and told them, we face timed my mom and step dad, and went to my dads business to show him even though Ryan asked him for permission and already knew about it all. We have been together for 5 Years at the end of last July. He is my best friend, and respects me and supports me, and pushes me to be the best person I can possibly be. Im so thankful for him, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together, having so much fun and adventuring together. Im so blessed that we have wonderful friends and family and tons of followers who show us so much love and support, we’re so happy we can inspire others! <3

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